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Cisco and TV Globo Team up for Ultimate Sports Viewing Experience

September 12, 2014


Imagine watching the World Cup and your favorite team is about to score, and while watching you can see them take the gold, in three different angles.

Cisco (News - Alert) has teamed up with TV Globo, a leading television network operator in Brazil to produce the “Future of Video”.  The 4K/Ultra HD video debuted for Globo executives during the World Cup, demonstrating what the future can hold for sports television.

Cisco has had a long-time partnership with TV Globo, and together they hope to transform video experiences to beyond just watching, especially regarding live sports.

The 4K/Ultra HD and Cisco Videoscape(TM) have the ability to completely change the television experience for viewers at home. The technology aims to be “better than being there” with a wall-sized screen that displays much more than just the game.

The oversized screen has the capabilities to stream a range of statistics in real time during sporting events. The stats show information such as player biographies, team fouls, yellow and red cards along with team lineups. In the demonstration, Cisco showed these statistics running in real time during the game.

Cisco’s showcase allowed viewers to interact with the game as it was happening. Using smartphones, laptops or tablets, viewers can connect on social media platforms and post about what's happening in the game, and in engage in conversation about the game, all while the game is still happening.

In a statement by the CTO of TV Globo, Raymundo Barros, he explained the confidence in TV Globo partnering with Cisco. "Cisco shares our belief in the power of 4K/Ultra HD video to extend our viewers' engagement beyond the broadcast,” he stated, “Live sports coverage in 4K/Ultra HD will change the way people think and feel about watching sports forever. Seeing is believing, and there is no turning back once you get hooked on 4K/Ultra HD." 

Edited by Maurice Nagle