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World Cup Analysis Shines Light on Mobile Usage Patterns

July 10, 2014


An extensive analysis of mobile use throughout the 2014 FIFA World Cup, administered by global data master Allot (News - Alert) Communications, demonstrated the importance of mobile apps in large events with mass audiences.

Normal traffic patterns of data usage, usually peaking in the evening hours, were completely replaced by a new pattern that centered on whenever that day’s game was. If there were two games there were two peaks that day, and if there were no games traffic essentially returned to the usual pattern. In other words, the study showed that mobile use levels correlates with whenever the most activity is happening in the real world.

The data clearly demonstrates that large events such as World Cup matches are generally enhanced for fans with heavy mobile use. Allot found that sports-related apps involved the biggest spike in usage, up 300 percent more than average during game times, and social media apps everywhere were used at a rate of 200 percent more than average. Sports apps opened access to additional information and in many cases produced special content specifically for the event. In addition, people enjoy sharing their experience through social media and participating in a larger community they can interact with rather than just the mass of people in the stands.

Mobile professionals should take advantage of this usage pattern, especially advertisers. During game time is the prime opportunity to make smart moves that fans will be especially open to, and the passionate energy for or against a team can be leveraged in a way that aligns the interest of the user with the advertiser and makes a unique connection.

Many modern day events are no longer limited to physical experiences without some sort of mobile component, nor are online events satisfying enough without being grounded in the real world. Instead activities reside within the middle, grounded in reality but enhanced with the additional capabilities of mass adoption of mobile devices. As the world gradually shifts toward this paradigm, we can be sure to see massive advances in the mobile experience and its relevance to happenings in the real world.

Edited by Maurice Nagle