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BRS Labs' AISight Platform Brings Intelligent Video Surveillance to the World Cup and throughout Brazil

June 13, 2014


Yesterday was the first day of the FIFA World Cup tournament, a competition that involves 32 countries, the best soccer players in the world and after a month, a champion is crowned and involves many of soccer’s best teams, representing 32 countries. Unfortunately, the tournament started with hundreds of protesters in Sao Paulo, vowing "There Will Be No Cup," as soccer-loving enthusiasts roamed the streets, prior to the game between Brazil and Croatia. The scene, with police officers firing tear gas at anti-World Cup protesters just hours before the opening match, was horrific, to say the least, for those spectators or fans awaiting kick-off in Sao Paulo stadium. Brazilian police clashed with about 200 protesters who are angry with the government overspending on the World Cup.

The Brazilian government was expecting problems and prepared for anti-government protests in advance, opting to deploy video surveillance cameras for enhanced safety and security. Their decision had been to implement BRS Labs’ AISight platform, an advanced system with analytics software that uses Behavioral Recognition technology to provide proactive insights to identify potential threats sooner than they happen.

The use of BRS Labs’ highly automated solution, AISight, is to improve Brazils’ situational awareness and incident response across complex physical environments in real-time, thanks to patented artificial intelligence technology that can alert managers to unusual situations more quickly and accurately than through other technologies, BRS Labs affirms.

According to today’s Yahoo! Finance post, BRS Labs’ AISight Video Surveillance Analytics Software Deployed to Enhance Security and Emergency Management at the Upcoming World Soccer Tournament in Brazil, the “initial $5.2M USD software purchase [is] part of [a] long-term Brazilian municipal infrastructure security plan.”

What will be used for the duration of the soccer tournament (to stop World Cup protests that are of a disruptive nature) is, in reality, going to be used for the long haul to protect critical infrastructures and those areas needing to be safeguarded, explains John Frazzini, president of BRS Labs. He adds that AISight delivers the technology to improve safety dramatically and lessen security concerns; deployment of this technology where there is a need can save people from getting harmed in situations that pose a significant threat.

Managing Director for BRS Labs in Brazil, Leonardo Scudere explained the AISight platform is “central to the advanced data analytics strategy being implemented [there in Brazil].” The platform is, and will continue to be, deployed to provide more security and better emergency management services throughout the upcoming games and beyond, he said.

As for BRS Labs’ AISight platform, it is important to know that it comes available through four delivery models: as on-premises software (AISight On Site), software-as-a-Service (AISight SaaS (News - Alert)), or two  RTC through the Cloud (AISight Managed Cloud Service and AISight VM, which is apt for virtual hosting). More details about each module can be found on the company’s official website.

Edited by Maurice Nagle