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Picking NAPs for every day of the week

July 02, 2018


More experienced punters will rank different sorts of bets in very contrasting ways. Part of this comes from the likelihood of specific bets winning, like in the way that an accumulator will be given bigger odds than a win treble, but it will also have a weaker chance of winning. The most trusted bet out of all of the day’s racing action comes in the form of a NAP, and it’s something that horse racing punters take immense pride in.

Not only is a NAP the most likely horse to win out of all running throughout the day, but it’s also a way of proving how capable a horse tips site is. This is something that’s been proven by The Winners Enclosure , who run a page devoted to today’s NAPs. They make sure to provide one every single day of the year alongside their vast array of other horse racing bets and predictions.

What does a strong NAP tip look like?

It’s understandable to spend a lot of your time shopping around for the best bookmaker odds on the horses you back but when it comes to identifying a NAP, the odds are arguably the least important factor. You’ll always be looking for the most likely horses to win or you wouldn’t be backing them but with a NAP, they need to be the most likely to finish first out of every horse throughout the day, so you need to be sure with what nag you’re getting behind.

Most of the NAP tips created by experienced tipsters will have extremely short odds, sometimes going as low as under 1/2, so you shouldn’t shy away from a reliable option if the bookie price is underwhelming. Although you might be backing a horse with an extremely short price, you need to remember not to get carried away with your stake and only bet what you’re willing to lose, as even the shortest priced horses aren’t certain to win their races.

Why are NAPs chosen daily?

As all betting tipsters want to prove their worth to their followers, a NAP serves as a method of showing that they’re capable of picking out a winner every day. Some punters will regularly bet on a chosen NAP of the Day, making it into a consistent cornerstone on the websites of those who recommend their own tips. This will keep followers coming back for more and turns their bets into something that people check back on daily for today’s NAPs.