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Greg Norman Takes Digital Approach to Golf Course Design

July 16, 2014


Due for release this summer on all major gaming platforms is HB Studios’ ‘The Golf Club’.  Ostensibly just another golfing simulator, much like the revered ‘Tiger Woods PGA Tour’ series, The Golf Club brings to the table the most sophisticated course designer on the market.

Canadian developer HB Studios’ system for course design is in fact, so sophisticated, that Greg Norman Golf Course Design, a major player in the world of real-life golf course development, has opted to support and utilize their program.

”We are excited about our new partnership with HB Studios which will allow my design company to visualize our golf courses before any dirt has been moved onsite,” states Greg Norman. “This new software tool will allow our design clients to play the golf holes on a computer while the project is still in the design phase and construction has yet to start which will provide a significant cost savings as well as a sales and marketing advantage to our clients.”

Supported through cloud technology, The Golf Club will now not only offer gamers and golfers alike ephemeral respite from their regular lives, it will serve to aid Greg Norman Golf Course Design in mapping out physical golf course location designs for prospective clients.  Employing The Golf Club’s course creator tool, Greg Norman’s and his team will be able to immediately draft layout plans, while having the freedom to change certain aspects of the course at any time, at the request of the client.

Is it insane to put such real-world responsibility on a video game?  According to resources, for Greg Norman, renowned pro golfer, to put his name on something highly bespeaks its worth.

 As well as recognition from the gaming and business community, HB Solutions will gain from this endorsement major insight into the world of golf, and advice on how to improve on the game’s core platform; insight no doubt invaluable to a gaming company, who while proving near immaculate at course design, may have a thing or two to learn regarding the golf-minded market

“We couldn’t be happier to partner with Greg Norman and his golf course design company ,” said Jeremy Wellard, President of HB Studios. “The Greg Norman Course Designer in our game will not only let our players create the golf courses of their wildest dreams and imaginations, but it will now allow Greg Norman and his team to demonstrate their design concepts to their clients, bringing an unparalleled level of access and ability to customize the course to their specificity. This partnership truly shows the power of The Golf Club’s course design feature and we look forward to working closely with the team at Greg Norman Golf Course Design over the coming years.”

Look for the release of The Golf Club’s in the coming months, and this author will see you on the course.