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How to Record a Google Meet Session in 5 Easy Steps

December 02, 2021


Is it legal to record the Google (News - Alert) Meet session and video conference? In many cases, it is legal and not harmful to record meetings with your colleagues and partners. Unless you are not permitted to do that, you won’t need to proceed.

But as we know, the rise of remote work due to the pandemic has forced a lot of people in many industries to turn to video conferencing platforms. One of the most popular platforms to use is, indeed, Google Meet.

In each online meeting, you have surely realized the importance of note-taking. No matter what conferencing tool you are using, you will need to take notes from the meeting in order to isolate the important information for you and your colleagues.

To do it, you will need to record a Google Meet Session with the right tool.

You can use Notiv to record Google Meet meetings. It is a note-taking app that can automatically capture your Google Meet meeting in real time.

On this occasion, we are going to disclose the way to use it in only five steps. So, without further ado, let’s get down to the instructions.

Record a Google Meet Session in 5 Easy Steps

Notiv can dial into and capture the Google Meet meeting session. It works like another attendee in your Google Meet meeting session. Here are the five steps how to record google meet session with the Notiv app. 

Step 1-Register an account and login

First things first, you will need to register an account with Notiv to be able to access the service. Register an account and pick your plan. Although Notiv comes with a free option as well, we’d like to recommend you take the paid plan instead since it allows you to unlock all of the important features of the account.

Step 2-Add the meeting information

The second step is to make sure that your meeting is already on your calendar. If you are using Google or Microsoft (News - Alert) calendar, you will need to make sure that the invite or link is planted somewhere in the title, location, or description section.

Once you have inserted the link there, it will trigger Notiv to detect the meeting link. It is a crucial step since Notiv will know it as an invitation to join the Google Meet meeting session. For the Google Meet users, Notiv will require dial-in details so that they can join the meeting.

Step 3: Enable Notiv.

If Notiv is turned off, it won’t be able to record the meeting. So, you will want to turn Notiv on for your upcoming Google Meet meeting session.

If you are going to use Notiv a lot in the future, you just need to setup the Auto Join rules. When you do, your Notiv app will always be on. Therefore, you don’t need to set it up anymore in the future, and you can let the system work every time you plan for the new meetings.

Step 4-Waiting

Wait, really? Yes, indeed. Your preparation and setup for the upcoming meeting is basically finished. You just need to wait for the meeting session to start. Since the Notiv app is already turned on, you could just sit back and wait until the meeting starts at the designated time and date. In the morning of the meeting, or days before, the Notiv app will share the daily digest and updates with you and all of the meeting participants. It will also automatically send the invitation links to all of the meeting participants. In a nutshell, you won’t need to remind your members to participate in the meeting since Notiv already did it for you.

Step 5: Hold the meeting.

When the time comes, you just need to proceed with your meeting. Meanwhile, Notiv will automatically join the Google Meet meeting session. Notiv is often the first one to attend the meeting before everyone else. It will start recording and transcribing the meetings from the very first second of their start.

After the meeting ends, it will process the recording for some time. But you don’t need to worry. You won’t need to wait for hours or days until the transcriptions are ready. The app will notify you when the meeting recordings and transcriptions are ready. You will receive an email with the subject "Meeting Ready".

The importance of recording the Google Meet Session

Not everyone understands the significance of transcription for their online meeting.When you can record the Google Meet meeting, all of the members can easily get access to the crucial information from the meeting.

Instead of wasting your effort and time on taking notes in the meeting, you and your team members can interact with each other to brainstorm ideas. This kind of interaction can increase the quality of collaboration and productivity that you will really need for your project's progress.

Some workers might struggle to express their ideas in written notes. Thankfully, Zoom comes with a screen share feature. They can draw workflows and other visual aids and share their screen with others.Notiv will also record it. As mentioned, this note-taking app will capture everything that happens in the meeting.

Imagine how many important things that you can save right away for future use or review. In many cases, it is necessary to revisit the meeting outcome in order to draw the conclusion and conduct the subsequent meetings.When you record the session successfully, you are like storing the gems for everyone.

The no-show attendees, your partners, clients, and others, will probably need to review the session later.

The company can also reuse the recordings for business advancement strategies, like training the trainees who are going to work full-time for the company.

With the transcriptions and recordings of Notiv, you will be able to retain the important information for future use.