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High School Robot Soccer Match on Saturday

June 02, 2010

There's no better way to kick off the month of June then with a soccer match. I'm not talking about about the FIFA World Cup, but a soccer match played with robots. High schoolers from Somerset County in New Jersey will gather in Somerville, NJ to show off their team of robots in a soccer game at the annual Spring Spectacular fair.
Eight high school teams with as many as 100 members and participating parents will take on a small, enclosed "field" across from the local courthouse. This "field" will resemble a compact version of a soccer field, which includes a pit area so teams not playing can tend and care for their robotic players.
The fair is sponsored by the Somerville Business & Professional Association, or SBPA, whom extended the invite to robotics clubs throughout the Somerset County. This event is expected to become an annual fixture of the fair hoping to encourage students and inspire young children to pursue careers and sharpen skills in science, math and engineering.
This particular event is said to be exciting because spectators will be allowed to step in and control some of the robots built by the high schoolers.
Lou Bellafronte, team president and mentor for the Somerville High School Robotics Team, says, according to The Messenger-Gazette, "We want to introduce science and technology to kids." This in turn will show that scientific and mathematical fields can be fun and interesting to anyone.
Teams can use this oppurtunity to gain publicity and raise funds to continue building more and competeing in various tournaments and competitions nationwide. Many of these clubs get sponsorship from corporations and small businesses in Central New Jersey. These same businesses also offer scholarships.
More information about the event can be found here.

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