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Finalists of Bluetooth Innovation World Cup 2010 Released

November 04, 2010


Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), known for its development of Bluetooth wireless technology, announced the Finalists of the 2010 Bluetooth Innovation World Cup (IWC), which focuses on applications for the sports and fitness, healthcare, home automation and control markets. Developers, entrepreneurs and students submitted concepts for applications that make use of the new Bluetooth low energy wireless technology. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group organized this second edition of competition after the great success in the first edition during the year 2009.

An international panel of experts selected nine of best ideas from 270 international submissions. Prize money worth of $50,000 and Bluetooth Innovator of the Year award will be handed over to the winner. Excellent and innovative ideas for the utilization of Bluetooth low energy technology have been submitted by this year’s finalist, including barbecue thermometers and training assistants to ambient-assisted homes.

As part of the Bluetooth Innovation World Cup 2010, a Bluetooth Innovation World Cup booth has been organized to display and present submitted ideas during the second week of November. Experts from the leading companies in the field of Bluetooth technology will be discussing on the usability of Bluetooth low energy technology in sports and fitness, home automation, and healthcare in Bluetooth technology panel discussion at the electronica forum.

For each category, finalists will be presenting their ideas at the Bluetooth Innovation World Cup booth and customers are invited to attend the presentation to learn about the future of Bluetooth low energy technology.

In the healthcare category, Louis Atallah from Great Britain, one of the finalists, developed an ear worn sensor for activity recognition that measures balance, body posture or heart rate and seamlessly transmits that information to a medical help desk. Another finalist, Ahang Baghschomali from Germany, developed an ambient assisted sensing system with the combination of Classic Bluetooth technology and Bluetooth low energy technology that makes life easier for people with hearing problems will get instructions through their hearing aid. Jimmy Vincent from India submitted Oxygen Flow Controller, which optimizes the monitoring of blood oxygen with automatic adjustment of the oxygen supply for the patient.

In home automation category, Nicholas Pau from New Zealand submitted an automatic refill and security alert for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) used for heating and cooking. Wojciech Giergusiewicz from Poland developed a Bluetooth technology multimeter gadget for engineers using the cell phone or laptop for displaying electric parameters of electric devices. Christopher Allen from the United States submitted a device called iGrill, a remote controlled barbecue thermometer. 

In the sports and fitness category, Biju Thomas from United States submitted an impact sensor that measures the shocks in sports accidents like in sports helmets or other protection material. Anindya Bakshi from India developed a training assistant for the intelligent integration of sensors into sports equipment such as tennis racket to measure intensity of usage. Vlad Savchenko from United States developed a device called VeloComputer Bicycle Sensor that measures the distance, speed and acceleration accurately by attaching a small sensor to the bicycle.

The Bluetooth Innovation World Cup 2010 is sponsored by Anritsu (Preferred Technology Partner), Nordic Semiconductor, STMicroelectronics (News - Alert), Suunto and Texas Instruments.

Vanchi Govind is a TMCnet contributor. He has more than 12 years of IT/domain experience including more than eight years in software development, e-business consulting and project management. To read more of his articles please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Jaclyn Allard