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Pogoseat is a 'Game Changer' for Seat Upgrades a Sporting Events

December 04, 2012


Sports fan with seats that are less-than-desirable have been sneaking around and bribing ushers for better seats for years. Now, a new app, Pogoseat, is poised to change the way empty seats closer to the action are filled.

Pogoseat is not just another startup app developer, it has major backing: $500,000 to be exact. How, exactly, does the half-million-dollar app work? Sports fans can use their smartphones to upgrade their seats in the middle of the game, paying the difference for the new seats (with a portion of the seat price going to Pogoseat).After going public at Golden State Warriors games, the team has had an average of 30 upgrades per game.

Image via Shutterstock

Once the app spreads throughout professional sporting teams across the country, even 30 tickets per game could prove to be profitable. It is still early, so many fans are not yet aware of their ability to upgrade their seats, so these numbers should start to increase as more and more people realize that the option is available. Golden State Warriors vice president of ticket sales, Brandon Schneider, sees tremendous potential for Pogoseat. He told Tom Van Riper of Forbes, “I think, in the future, every sports team will be doing this.”

Stadiums will, undoubtedly, jump at the chance to earn extra money. Whether or not the app will be profitable is another question, as it largely hinges on the assumption that people would have paid the full value for a seat upgrade, if only they had the time and energy to get back to the ticket booth before the game started.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman