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Technology Streamlining the Hockey Recruiting Process

April 16, 2012


Current technology and the power of social media is revolutionizing hockey recruiting for prospects and scouts around the world. A new recruiting and scouting service called hopes to capitalize on today’s technology by streamlining the hockey recruiting process.

In a press release, stated “Smartphones, Blackberries, laptops, tablets, are now commonplace not only in the general populace, but also, in hockey rinks. It is imperative that hockey prospects take advantage of this wave of next generation communication by arming themselves with as much of it as possible to keep their hockey dreams alive. Prospects should be Skyping, texting, emailing, videoconferencing, and most especially social media savvy in order to stay front of mind with recruiters, scouts, coaches, schools, and teams they want to play for.”

The new service allows hockey prospects to setup an online profile highlighting their strengths and skills. Players can include a description of their current achievements and stats as well as videos. states there are already over 700 coaches and scouts in the system. Prospects can connect to coaches and scouts from one central location rather contacting them individually. It saves time and effort on both sides of the coin.

Players can setup their personal profile at for $5.95 per month. The site offers a free five day trial to try out the service. Players can send their profile to any coach or scout in the system up to 10 times per day. The service provides young prospects a new avenue for promoting their skills to potential pro or college teams.

Coaches and scouts can register for an account at for $7.95 per month. A subscription allows coaches and scouts the ability to search for talent, watch video clips of players and contact talent directly. It’s an ingenious way to streamline the recruiting process.

Edited by Jennifer Russell