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Survey: 20.7 Percent Plan to Watch Olympics for More than Two Hours at Work

July 19, 2012


The London Olympics are only eight days, 17 hours and 59 minutes and 53 seconds away (but who’s counting?) and everyone around the world is making preparations. Some are packing their suitcases, full of colors to represent their country, of course, before heading to Olympic Village and some are getting busy downloading mobile apps to pretend they are there in person. NBC, BBC, London 2012 and 2012 Team USA are just some providers of apps for the global games. For those stuck at home, we’ll just have to accept watching the games from the TV or live streams online. But wait -- the Olympics will be running every day from 4 a.m. to midnight for more than 16 days…what are you going to do when you’re at work? SpectorSoft, a provider of software that monitors both smartphone and computer activity for consumers and businesses, was wondering the same thing.

Dubbed as the most socially-connected games to date, it’s no surprise that the majority of people are planning to tune into the London Olympics. A recent survey by SpectorSoft aimed to find out just how many are planning on watching on company time. The survey found that as the income level of the respondents went up, so did the two desire to watch the Olympics: 81.percent of those making between $75k and $100k plan to follow the games compared to 48.3 percent of those making $25k or less.

Of the respondents that indicated they would be following the Olympics, almost 40 percent planned to watch via the Internet on company time, with 40.3 percent of men and 38.4 percent of women watching during work hours.

It’s pretty easy to understand that people are planning to stay up to date on the games—I mean, the summer games only happen every four years and we are more connected now than ever before. But how much time is acceptable to take away from work to indulge? 15 minutes? One hour? TWO hours?

The most popular number is one hour. No matter how you try to split up the demographics, one hour is consistently the clear winner when it comes to how much time employees think is OK to spend on the Olympics at work. The survey found that 20.7 percent of respondents are planning on watching the games for two hours at work.

Some may be hesitant to watch the games, or do anything besides work for that matter, on company time depending on corporate policies. Or so you would think. The survey found that even though 31.5 percent of respondents have a company policy against using work-issued computers for non-work related activities, 41.4 percent would still spend one hour watching the Olympics. For employees that aren’t sure if there company has a policy, well, they’re willing to take the risk: 62.5 percent of respondents who aren’t sure if their company has a policy are still planning on watching the games for one hour at work.

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