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NFL Hall of Fame Overhauls GameDay Stadium Theater

February 15, 2010

Now imagine the following read by John Facenda, with visuals of the old Green Bay Packer sweep left, Jerry Kramer knocking Alex Karras on his butt…
The Pro Football Hall Of Fame’s GameDay Stadium Theater recently received a major AV overhaul featuring two digital projection large-venue projectors. Specified by the Russ Berger Design Group and integrated by Altel Systems Group, the updated venue includes two rooms displaying separate but synchronized programs, a turntable floor to move the audience, and a series of video displays in the queuing area.

(Snowy day in Chicago, Dick Butkus breathing smoke through his facemask, eschewing a coat, standing on the sidelines, glaring as the Bears' inept offense stinks it up, getting madder and madder…)
By moving the theater from film projection to high-definition video projection, program content can now be updated more efficiently and cost-effectively without sacrificing video quality.
Displaying high-intensity footage shot by NFL Films of Mount Laurel, New Jersey, the GameDay Theater uses two distinct Digital Projection projectors. A 20,000 lumen LIGHTNING 40p to 1080p display, one of the most efficient large-venue projectors in the AV industry, illuminates the main theater from a dedicated projection booth.
(It's the 1958 NFL Championship, Yankee Stadium, overtime, Johnny Unitas lining the Colts up against an exhausted Giants defense at the one-yard line, calling the signals, handing off to Alan Ameche who barrels over for the winning touchdown…)
Additionally, a 5,000 lumen TITAN 1080p Ultra Contrast projector is installed in a companion theater, which also employs a Stewart screen. The digital content presented by the DP projectors is synchronized with an Alcorn McBride V16 Pro Show Controller, which also acts as a control trigger for the automatic doors, rotation of the theater, and all aspects of lighting and video playback.
(NFC Championship, Dwight Clark running right along the back of the end zone, Joe Montana frantically backpedaling, all primary receivers covered, Ed "Too Tall" Jones bearing down, lofts a high pass over Everson Walls in the end zone, Clark jumps up and snags the most famous catch in NFL history to kick-start the 49ers fearsome '80s dynasty…)
Chuck Chiles, RBDG project manager, said, “When the Pro Football Hall of Fame asked RBDG to upgrade their GameDay Theater from a 35mm film chain to high resolution video, we called on Digital Projection for the hardware. The results: excellent reliability, great service and stunning images."
("The game… and the men who play it… This is NFL Films… Good night.")

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Edited by Amy Tierney