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Look for Bookmakers that Use Sportsbook Software

April 12, 2021


In 2020, many industries struggled. One that didn’t was sports betting.Per Sports Illustrated, more and more U.S. citizens believe sports betting should be legalized.

We know that people bet billions of dollars a year on sports. In August, during the coronavirus pandemic's height, states like New Jersey and Michigan saw an increase in sports bets.

In 2021, betting on Major League Baseball games should break the usual $50 billion per year mark. The NBA Playoffs, the Triple Crown of horse racing, the NHL Playoffs, and various eSports tournaments should help boost betting sports wagering revenue this summer.

In late August, most sports handicappers will turn their attention tothe National Football League and college football. Sports betting is a train with no barriers on the track.

Increased revenue attracts companies looking to capitalize. Anybody living in the United States already has a choice of online sportsbooks.

In February, Sports Techy published a step-by-step guide of what to look for in an online book. But looking for an online sportsbook may not be the best option.

Since 1997, pay per head companies have provided sportsbook software to individual bookmakers. Sportsbook operators import players to PPH sportsbook organizations.

Those organizations provide software that allows sportsbook owners to run their bookmaking companies. See below for more information on this niche in the sportsbook industry that’s perfect for many gamblers.

What is a bookie?

Bookies are individuals who run online sportsbooks. In the past, bookmakers ran their companies either with a pen and paper or on excel.

Nowadays, bookies pay a fee for each of their customers to use PPH bookie software. The best payperhead software charges if a player makes a bet.

Charging only for active players helps bookmakers control costs. Bookies pay if their players play. If players don’t wager, the sports betting agent doesn’t pay the fee for those players.

Oddsmaking has become an art.Many online sportsbooks provide algorithms to determine specific odds for their players.

Some even flag players as specific sport, or even specific team, experts. If a player makes a ton of money betting on Kansas City against the spread, some online sportsbooks will set odds based on the player’s ability to win backing Kansas City.

At times, online books don’t even care about specific player action. All companies must change odds based on betting action that lands in the individual sportsbook.

If a big-time bettor wagers thousands of dollars on a game, the odds change even if those odds haven’t changed in Las Vegas books.

The main difference?Individual bookies can change odds. Per head agents, bookies who have signed up with a Pay Per Head bookie software company get calls all the time about changing odds.

Many times, those individual bookies will provide the odds you want. Bookmakers can do this because of the software offered.

Also, players may prefer to bet with an individual instead of playing with a huge company. Peer-to-peer customer service is often best.

Private bookies can offer everything a more prominent online sportsbook offers

Some bookies can provide everything an enormous internet sportsbookoffers. Some features include premium casino products with 3D games and technologically advanced live dealer digital platforms.

Racebooks are also available. Pay per head service organizations that use proprietary software has the flexibility to add betting solutions and online deposit and payment solutions.

The best pay per head sites provides online payment solutions that accept various banking methods. Players and agents can use their credit or debit cards to fund their accounts.

Agents and their players can also use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to put money into their accounts. In some cases, MoneyGram (News - Alert) and eCheck deposits are also available, although in most cases, they’re only available to the bookmaker.

Some companies have allowed bookies to create a complete online sportsbook. The sportsbook is mobile, allows for all collections, deposits, and payments to happen online, and, at times, can offer more traditional sports league options than a sportsbook in Las Vegas.

In-game betting has also become popular. Players that bet through somepay per head bookie agents can access platforms that provide game trackers and video streams.

Features and tools improve a privately owned sportsbook

If you have an issue with an online sportsbook, you must call their customer service department. Their CS department can help, no doubt, but calling customer service isn't the same as contacting the company's owner.

Having the ability to call your bookie, the sportsbook owner, is one advantage to playing with a local online bookie. Players call their bookie agents all the time with issues ranging from how to deposit or where to find a specific bet.

Like we mentioned above, players also call looking for more favorable odds. No matter the issue, improved sportsbook technology has allowed price per head bookies that offer free betting software to provide the same experience as more prominent sportsbooks on the Internet.