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| More Announces New Game: the Football Luck Meter

June 14, 2010

(WORLD CUP TECHNOLOGY), a luck-measurement gaming website, released a new feature named the 'Football Luck Meter' in honor of the 2010 World Cup that started on June 11.
With the help of this Football Meter, football enthusiasts around the world are able to check their favorite team's luck on a specific day. Via this way, they can forecast the chances of their national team to win at the World Cup.
The World Cup is a celebrity event which features all the biggest stars in the football world. National teams which boast the biggest talents are the natural candidates to win the championship. Messi's Argentina, Ronaldo's Portugal or Kaka's Brazil claims to be the favorites of this world cup. These teams have a huge advantage when compared to other teams. But they all know that winning the championship is distant without any lady luck on their side.
In a release Daniel Wilson who is the Marketing Director of said that "Winning at football, where one move can determine your fate, is not all about talent. Luck has a lot to do with winning too. So, it is only natural for the fans to measure their teams' luck on a specific game. Especially in the World Cup, where every game has a crucial impact on your team's chances to win the tournament".
The game is very user friendly and fun to play. You just have to enter the team's name and the date of the game. Then, the Meter will show the team's luck on a 1-100 scale. If you want to analyze and predict the complete picture of the game, you are able to check the luck of opposite team as well., founded in 2009, has a broad customer base growing at a constant pace. Also, it delivers wide variety of games. The Football Meter is just one of a series of new features that are planned to go live very soon.'s favorite games include the Lucky Day Meter which can be used to measure your fortune on a specific day; the Love Meter which measures the intensity of love between couples; the Lucky Numbers Generator which is intended to help the people while choosing lottery numbers; and the Football Luck Meter.

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Edited by Marisa Torrieri