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Trafficmaster Unveils First Ever International Mobile Phone Travel Emergency App

June 08, 2010

Trafficmaster, a dealer in intelligent driving, has stated that they have unveiled the first ever international mobile phone travel emergency and concierge application 'International Rescue' that will aid the 30000 some U.K. football fans get home safely after the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.
Recent estimates point out that South Africa stands as the 10th highest crime rate per capita across 60 developed and developing countries. Common reports are muggings, pickpockets and even car hijackings. As a result of which, visitors to the World Cup have become very cautious of travelling to and across South Africa to watch England play. To overcome this issue, Trafficmaster has introduced the smartphone app that is designed to provide 24 hour security to visitors in any emergency situation.
Trafficmaster has stated that their emergency effort is supported by a team of travel experts in the UK and also in another 40 countries who work 24/7 to assure the safety of the visitors. The South African service partners have a fleet of armed helicopters that provide immediate emergency response. 
Whether it is a medical emergency, a bus crash, a mugging incident or a car theft, the International Rescue is on hand to help. The app also offers a concierge service, where the visitors are allowed to choose a personal assistant to find a pub that serves British food or a hotel nearest to the football stadium.
Chief Executive of Trafficmaster, Tony Eales has asserted that the International Rescue is available within the Trafficmaster Companion suite of travel services and can be uploaded on iPhone (News - Alert), Blackberry, Symbian and Windows based smartphones. Local teams situated in all countries speak English and can provide a link between visitors, British embassies, the police, border controls and emergency services such as ambulance, fire, mountain rescue and coast guard. 
In order to provide quick and professional assistance International Rescue gathers and securely stores personal information of visitors such as passport number, next of kin, blood group, allergies, current medication and insurance details that will be used only in case of emergency. International Rescue provides a quick trip travel guide to England fans that include details such as when and where England matches are held and complete instructions to be safe from crimes.
The company has also issues instructions for the travelers and some of them are as follows: avoid walking anywhere after dark; always be aware of the surroundings; don't stop on any of the freeways for more than a few minutes; and in the case of a breakdown, immediately call for help; leave important documents and valuables in a safe place; and don't leave anything lying inside the car overnight, even if it is not of any value.

Nathesh is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Nathesh's articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Alice Straight