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Yahoo! Most Preferred Online Destination in U.S. for Winter Olympics Coverage

March 08, 2010

Yahoo! has stated that most U.S. sports fans preferred to Yahoo! Sports for relevant, timely and comprehensive information about the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

The company has claimed that the comScore (News - Alert) audience figures showed that Yahoo! Sports came on top beating, ESPN and all other sites in number of unique visitors and time spent. comScore calculated that the Yahoo’s dedicated Web page attracted more than 32 million unique visitors from February 12 to 28, signifying the largest online audience for the 2010 Winter Olympics.
Yahoo! Sports received nearly 40 million total unique visitors during the Winter Olympics, 19 million more than its closest competitors. Users to the site had also spent 314 million total minutes on the Yahoo page compared to the 218 million total minutes spent by visitors to NBC’s Olympics site.
Officials with Yahoo! Media have stated that the 2010 Winter Olympics featured exciting competition, brilliant performances, spectacular blunders, compelling human interest stories and once again the world turned to Yahoo! for the most comprehensive and engaging coverage of the games. They know what users want when they come to Yahoo!, and they delivered a cross-platform Winter Games experience that helped them turn in their own gold medal performance: record traffic, engagement and click-through rates.
Yahoo was not only well visited for its sports content but also for the fascinating stories by its editors. For instance the story about a private pre-race conversation between Shaun White and his coach that was accidentally broadcast became the most popular story on the Yahoo! homepage during the Winter Games.
Yahoo! Sports had also lined up Olympians and champion athletes and a whole bunch of talented video hosts and writers in order to give sports fans a multifaceted view and analysis of the competitions.
The company said that its sports section had already been proven as the most preferred online destination for sports fans when it attracted more than 38.5 million people during the month of August 2008 when the Beijing Olympics happened, 15 million unique visitors more than its closest competitor. Estimates revealed that during August 2008, one in five U.S. Internet users visited Yahoo! Sports, and Yahoo! News also set an all-time site record, reaching 44.3 million unique users. Combined, Yahoo! Sports and Yahoo! News reached 57.3 million users, nearly one-third of the entire Internet audience.

Nathesh is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Nathesh's articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Kelly McGuire