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Cloud-based Solutions and Concerns at the Sochi Winter Games

January 07, 2014


While many are looking forward to the 2014 Winter Games, there are those who are concerned about the Olympic Games taking place in Russia, a country that has a troubling recent history of suppressing protests and creating new laws that oppress the gay community, among other groups and citizens. It seems as though nothing will stop the Sochi Winter Games from taking place, though, and Cisco (News - Alert) has been selected to provide video hardware and cloud software to help NBC management content across their various broadcasts during the games, which run from Feb. 6—23.

Following the announcement, Cisco Service Provider Infrastructure Senior Vice President/General Manager Joe Cozzolino said, “Cisco is proud to support NBC Olympics with an all-IP cloud video solution for its in-studio production of the Sochi Olympic Winter Games.”

Continuing the mutual appreciation platitudes, NBC Olympics Vice President, Information Technology Craig Lau said, “Cisco is a trusted partner who we have marked many milestones with… We are excited about the benefits and options cloud-powered video services bring us…”

The free flow of information non-relating to the broadcast of the games has been a concern for some, as Slate Senior Editor Emily Bazelon brought up the issue of safety in Sochi following a series of bombings leading up to the games. Bazelon speculated in last week’s Slate Political Gabfest podcast that Russian officials are going use this need for extra security as an excuse to gain a great deal of data from emails, telephone calls and other forms of correspondence that takes place in Sochi during the games.

While it’s unclear yet how far-reaching the Russian government will be, either way, it will make for interesting politics on and off the playing field/ice rink.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker