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Vocal Bags BCI Global Award For Its Contributions Toward Giving The World A Safe Olympics

November 12, 2013


It was Vocal’s day at Business Continuity Institute (BCI) Global Awards event, held last week on 6th November, as the world-famous business continuity and communication solutions provider walked away with the much coveted Business Continuity Innovation of the Year award at the BCI’s prize giving event.

 The BCI Global Awards have been designed to recognize the outstanding achievements of business continuity professionals and organizations from all over the world. This highly esteemed award helps the award winners earn instant recognition and important business mileage in the international markets.

 With bizarre incidents such as terrorist attacks are on the rise and natural calamities becoming far too frequent, no corner of the world is safe and this has made the business continuity and communication solutions more important than ever. While the businesses take advantage of such solutions to ensure the continuity of their mission critical business appliances at the event of any emergency, the event organizers rely on these solutions to ensure the smooth proceeding of their events in a planned manner.

 The organizers of the greatest show on the earth, the Olympic Association, selected Vocal as its emergency communications partner for the London 2012 Olympics. In a groundbreaking Cross-sector Safety and Security Communications (CSSC) Partnership, Vocal reportedly facilitated a technologically advanced collaboration between the key figures from London’s public and private sectors including Metropolitan Police, the Home Office, London First and numerous business sector groups.

 In fact, the Vocal -CSSC partnership during 2012 has provided the other cities on the brink of organizing global scale events a roadmap for effective communication.

 No wonder, for its exemplary contributions toward CSSC initiative, Vocal has been honored with a series of industry accolades with BCI’s recognition being the latest. It has won ‘Best Contribution to Continuity and Resilience’ at the CIR Awards and been shortlisted for the Emergency Planning Awards.

 Vocal employed its iModus solution to build up a communications infrastructure to keep every part of the city connected to each other and keep it safe throughout the summer Olympics.

 The comprehensive iModus business continuation solution comes with an array of capabilities including notification, planning, mapping, alerting, staff safety and incident management.  In addition to the London 2012 Olympics, iModus has been used during major business-affecting incidents such as the 7/7 terrorist attack in London and during Hurricane Sandy.

 “We are incredibly proud of the contribution Vocal has made to the CSSC initiative and of our on-going work in providing innovation and support to public and private sectors across the world. We would like to thank the Business Continuity Institute for recognizing the CSSC project and Vocal’s work in this prestigious award, and for its own essential role in supporting our industry and highlighting the importance and contribution of our work,” Vocal’s Managing Director Trevor Wheatley-Perry stated.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker