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Trafficmaster Benefits from Olympic Participation

September 04, 2013


The Olympics have always been considered the harbinger of economic prosperity for the host country. This is most evident in the recent games held in London in 2012. The government supported local companies in a big way as 98 percent of the overall contract for the games, worth about £6 billion, was won by the U.K. companies. Moreover, companies have been allowed to market their involvement in the games to help them get more business.

One such company that has benefited from the London 2012 games is Trafficmaster. This is a telematics company that provided fleet management software for the games. This software helped the British Olympic Association (BOA) to manage its 800 vehicles during the games. With this software, it was easy to know the location of every vehicle in real-time and this helped to improve vehicle efficiency. It also made it possible for BOA to save time, money and carbon footprint during the 2012 games.

Another software that Trafficmaster provided for the Olympics was stolen vehicle tracking. This software used GPS tracking to inform owners if a vehicle was stolen and its whereabouts. This protected the vehicle from car thieves, especially during the busy times through the games. By working closely with the BOA and the BMW (UK), Trafficmaster helped with the efficient management of the entire fleet.

In return for these efforts, it was given the Supplier Recognition License by the BOA. This Supplier Recognition License is a part of a deal between the U.K. government, BOA and the International Olympic Association (IOA) to award local businesses for their involvement in the 2012 games. Using this license, Trafficmaster can market the services offered during the games for their business communications. This information can also be displayed on its website and it can be a part of any publicity material distributed by the company.

Edited by Alisen Downey