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Astronauts Watch the Olympics from Space

August 10, 2012


Many people want to go to the top of the new ArcelorMittal Orbit Tower, which stands 377 feet (115 m) from the ground, to get a special view of the Olympics and the Olympic grounds. It is, perhaps the most unique structure to watch the Olympics from. At 211 miles(340 km) away from Earth on the International Space Station orbiting the Earth, a team of astronauts have taken the idea of a unique viewing place to another level. The Olympics may not be able to be watched through a good pair of binoculars, but they can be watched by satellite.

Six brave astronauts (two from the United States, one from Japan and three from Russia) have developed an extraordinary bond by spending months together on the International Space Station and, now, they have been able to take time away from their busy schedules to enjoy the Olympics, just like millions of other people on Earth. Joe Acaba, an American astronaut of Puerto Rican descent, is an avid sports fan and says that the magnitude of the Olympics has not been lost in the vastness of space.

Joe writes a blog entitled “The Great Outer Space” and in it, he expresses how all of the astronauts have an immense appreciation for the athletes and can relate in their own way to the Olympians in London. "Even though we come from different places, we can all relate to many of the obstacles the athletes have faced and overcome," he wrote. "A common theme heard from all the athletes is their pride in representing their country and the hard work they have put in. I understand as I am proud to represent the United States and the Puerto Rican community as an Astronaut."

Although the astronauts may be far away from Earth, they are still able to enjoy the performances of the “Fab Five” and the athletic prowess of Michael Phelps from space.

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Edited by Rich Steeves