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Olympics Showing All Over the World

July 20, 2012


The Olympic games have an amazing power to bring us together and to help us to connect both as a nation and as a planet. To that end the games are watched by people all over the world.

But, the ways of the world are changing and while mobile technology is also a way to bring us closer together, the technology that allows us to do that is still highly segmented – a way that means that if people all over the world want to see the Olympic games on their mobile devices a lot of deals have to be made in order let everyone watch. As it turns out many companies will be relying on the technology from one company in order to bring the games to all of us on our mobile devices. That company is Elemental Technologies, and they can boast that everyone from the BBC, Canadian broadcasters and even Terra in Latin America will be using their technology in order to allow mobile device users in order to see the games in real time, or on their own time. Exactly how many people will be able to watch the games thanks to Elemental Technologies? Well they are currently estimating that some of their technology will be used to let viewers in just about 70 different nations, or up to more than a billion users, who will be able able to see the games in London.

So, when all is said and done if you are going to be watching the games this summer then you just may have Elemental Technologies to thank, and you won't even know it. One of the providers, Terra, is expected to be streaming more than 2,000 hours of the games in order to show the games to its end users, so that they can see all the action.

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Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli