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Panasonic Will Offer 3-D Viewing of the 2012 Olympic Games

September 02, 2011


It appears that more than ever before the 2012 Olympic Games are going to be embracing the technological advances of the time. Most Olympic events are usually missed or watched after the results are known by people in one part of the world or another. NBC is taking steps that at least in the United States; every live event will be presented in some way or another. Now it appears some of the events will be popping out at viewers in full color and three dimensions.

Japanese electronics giant Panasonic (News - Alert), in a joint release with the IOC, announced yesterday that they will be broadcasting several Olympic events in 3-D. This is the first time anyone has taken the steps necessary to actually broadcast the games in 3-D and should be a nice test case for future consideration. According to Panasonic, somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 hours of the Olympic Games will be broadcast in 3-D, meaning the providers are jumping in with both feet.

“We are proud to announce the partnership with the IOC and OBS to create another successful era in Olympic broadcasting with the first live 3D Olympic Games at London 2012,” Panasonic’s Managing Executive Officer Takumi Kajisha said in a statement. “There is no doubt that the Olympic Games will provide some of the best content for the 3D market in the future, and that 3D TV will drastically change the way we experience this great sporting event in our living rooms.”

While 3-D is still a relatively new field when it comes to consumer electronics, having more high profile sporting events broadcast in the medium should only help. While events like the Super Bowl and the World Series have, or are expecting to be broadcast using 3-D technology the 2012 Olympics will be the first time that the technology is offered for such a global event. 

Along with some of the major events in the 2012 games such as swimming, track and field and gymnastics the opening and closing ceremonies are expected to be part of the hundreds of hours that will be broadcast using the technology.

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Edited by Jennifer Russell