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Sportech and EmpireCityBets Partner on New Online Wagering Package

June 17, 2013


Sportech and its subsidiary eBet Technologies recently announced that the companies have managed to put together a new solution that will allow people to place Internet-based advance deposit wagering actions for New York’s Empire City Casino. Empire City is located at Yonkers Raceway and the solution is working in a partnership with Saratoga Harness Racing, Inc. will now be accessible by its patrons through a single registered account. This account can be accessed using traditional online portals as well as mobile and telephone channels.

Online gambling is starting to take off in 2013, thanks in large part to several different states looking to follow the lead of Nevada. At the moment, most of that online gambling is of the gaming variety but there are certain groups who want to go in the direction of more easily and legal betting online on sporting events.

The package that eBet and Saratoga is offering are geared toward making it that much easier for people to place their wagers, but it will also make it quite a bit easier for employees to interact with and track those wagers. Included in the package are services that will provide live operator telephone wagering, customer service, tech support, and customer relationship management and marketing.

With the increased amount of desire from the business world, as well as the growing number of consumers, this kind of package is only going to get more popular. Sportech and eBets has set itself apart from other companies. Talking specifically about the EmpireCityBets launch, Sportech Managing Director of Interactive Products and Services, Mark Gregory, issued a statement saying, “We were enthusiastic to work with Empire City to bring to life and to offer their fans the convenience of multiple interactive channels. We are also delighted to be expanding our relationship with Saratoga Harness, itself a long-term, valued customer of Sportech. An arrangement like this one highlights the flexible nature of the eBet interactive offering and our ability to customize solutions to the specific needs of each licensed operator we serve."

Edited by Rory J. Thompson