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AT&T Upgrades Wireless Network for Indianapolis Motorsports Race

May 24, 2012


The extremely popular Indianapolis Motorsports Race, which is held every year during the Memorial Day weekend, witnesses the presence of thousands of racing fans. AT&T is enhancing its local network capacity in order to offer its Indianapolis customers a superior wireless experience.

AT&T (News - Alert) has not only implemented a cell on wheels or COW, but also modified its cell sites in Indianapolis. With the expected rise in wireless network requirements at the race due to the presence of large number of smartphone users, the company has extended its AT&T 4G LTE (News - Alert) coverage. The event, which runs through May 27, will see enhanced dependability and data speeds due to all the latest improvements offered by AT&T.

In a release, Brian Ducharme, VP and GM for AT&T Indiana and Michigan said, "Events at the race track generate memorable experiences that our customers will want to share with friends and family through text messages, photos, status updates on social networks and calls from their mobile devices. We'll have a team of network engineers monitoring the network to help ensure the best experience possible at the fan-packed venue."

AT&T is committed in offering the most favorable mobile experience especially during exceptional events like the forthcoming well-known Indianapolis race. AT&T's network team has improved cell sites in order to fulfill the expected demand for mobile Internet service at the event, where the number of attendees is expected to cross at least ten thousand. AT&T has also introduced four new cell sites especially for the area, thereby extending its 4G LTE coverage, which now totals to 16 cell sites and micro-cell sites.

In November 2011, AT&T introduced its extremely fast 4G LTE network in Indianapolis, capable of offering a maximum of 10 times faster Internet speeds as compared to 3G. The 3rd Generation Partnership Project group of technologies, which comprises of GSM and UMTS, is the foundation for AT&T's mobile data network. As compared to any other U.S. wireless provider, AT&T boasts of the widest international coverage, with voice services spanning over 225 countries and data services spanning over 200 countries. AT&T also offers voice and data roaming coverage in over 135 major cruise ships.

Edited by Brooke Neuman