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AEG Collaborates With Cisco and Verizon to Give STAPLES Center a Technology Makeover

October 21, 2011


The custom digital video technology solutions that have been deployed by Verizon and Cisco (News - Alert) will help in enriching the experience of watching the face off between Los Angeles Kings and St. Louis Blues tonight for fans at the STAPLES Center. Furthermore, fans will be provided with a host of information pertaining to onsite amenities as well as available services.

The STAPLES Center, which is owned and operated by AEG, is a leading sports and entertainment venue that currently hosts four major sports franchises, 250 plus events and attracts more than four million visitors each year. AEG wanted to equip the STAPLES Center with advanced electronic capabilities to enhance the viewing experience of its tech-savvy fans. Additionally, AEG wanted to provide the venue, partners, as well as the numerous sponsors with new avenues of revenue. To facilitate this, AEG partnered with Cisco to provide a connected sports and entertainment environment for fans while its collaboration with Verizon served to support the designing and development of the required technology base.

The STAPLES Center has been fitted with the Cisco StadiumVision, digital video, and content distribution system, which provides centralized controlling and can support delivery of high-definition video and digital content. Sporting 375 plus Panasonic HD video displays across various locations, the STAPLES Center will now be able to deliver multiple communication and engagement avenues for its audience in addition to improving the multimedia experience for its fans.

The deployment of Cisco StadiumVision will allow customized viewing experience for fans who can either opt to view live game or show below, or select channels of premium HD content, via the Cisco touch-screen Unified IP Phones along with the Verizon (News - Alert) voice-over-IP service.

The STAPLES Center will benefit from enhanced technology flexibility provided by Verizon and Cisco which will support the diverse and ever changing environment of changing games, teams, and events. The entire look of the venue, with respect to color scheme, branding as well as content delivery can be customized easily. Furthermore, updation of the dynamic menu boards can be easily accomplished as well.

Calvin Azuri is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Calvin’s articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Rich Steeves