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Formula One Engineers Design Factor 001, a High-Tech Road Bike

February 19, 2010

What’s being called “the world’s most exclusive and technologically advanced road bike” has launched, offering bikers an ultimate riding experience.
Designed by the Formula One engineers at BERU f1 systems, Factor 001, with its smooth, clean lines and dramatic stance, offers a highly responsive ride free from the need to comply with race regulations.
The bike is also optimized to offer maximum acceleration and stability. What’s more, the bike has a lightweight and highly rigid carbon monocoque frame, which helps deliver an elite training system for just a few hundred discerning customers worldwide -- with the option for riders to record up to 100 channels of biometric, environmental and physical force data. The individual channels of data can be displayed on the LCD touch screen, all of which are logged and can be downloaded for post-ride analysis.

Only after a year of track and laboratory tests with feedback from notable sports technologists that Formula One engineers could build the first full production specification model. The customers can get their bikes tailor-made as per their exact measurements and design preferences, with their names engraved on the handlebars.
“Every carbon composite component of the bike is crafted in-house drawing upon the same techniques used to produce Formula One components,” explains John Bailey, managing director, BERU f1systems. “Each model takes six highly skilled engineers a week to make. With only a limited number of bikes due to be built, we expect Factor 001 to become a desirable collector’s item.”
Factor 001 has been publicized by 220 Triathlon magazine, as a “rule-destroying speed machine” and “mobile sports laboratory.”
It is being displayed in the London Science Museum and is on sale at Harrod’s department store. Moreover, it was recognized by France’s well known cycling magazine, L’Acheteur Cycliste, as offering supreme rigidity and precision in its steering, with a very lightweight feel and highly reactive acceleration and braking.
“In designing and perfecting Factor 001 we chose not to be limited by any preconceptions surrounding traditional road bike design,” comments Bailey. “By starting afresh and working outside the design regulations set out by the Union Cycliste International, we could ensure that nothing would stand in the way of developing an outstanding riding experience. Riders will quickly notice how light the bike feels to ride, and should experience rapid acceleration with minimal exertion.”
Owing to the robust design of the frame, the bike’s eight-spoke carbon composite wheels are capable of reliably negotiating tough road conditions. Its unique twin-vein architecture can be adjusted to within a millimeter to suit the rider’s measurements and typical riding position.
The bike also features Shimano Di2 electronic gear shift. The bike’s frame, packed with BERU’f1 systems ‘patented technology, contains highly sophisticated load sensors, wiring, batteries, control cables and lines for its hydraulic braking system.  
“We have worked in collaboration with sports technology experts at Loughborough University to determine the most efficient means of optimizing the bike to suit the rider’s individual training needs and riding style, and are now confident that the fine tuning we can offer customers will greatly enhance their training experience,” comments Bailey. “Additionally, as the bike is totally customizable, we can also tailor its paintwork and graphics to complement the owner’s design preferences.”
The price of a standard bike is £22,000, while the model with integrated electronics, due to be released in April 2010, costs £27,000.

Deepika Mala is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Marisa Torrieri