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Who Needs a Personal Trainer? 24/7 Virtual Classes on the Rise

December 03, 2013


Everyone has an excuse for why they don’t exercise. Most of them involve the idea of not having enough time. A chain of 24/7 gyms, Anytime Fitness, is trying to get people on less reason to avoid the gym with their new LES MILLS virtual classes.

Videos versions of popular group fitness classes are projected on-demand at Anytime Fitness locations, allowing members to show up at 4 a.m. and get the same workout as if it were 4 p.m. The video-based classes offer choreography, motivational music and instructions, projected for gym participants whenever they stop by.

“Participating in classes led by expert instructors is more fun – and often more effective – thank working out on your own,” said David Kraai, a fitness expert and founder of Fitness on Request.

Ten Anytime Fitness gyms have launched the virtual classes at locations in Florence, Alabama; Siou City, Iowa; Monona, Wiscon; Baton Rouge, Lousiana; and a handful of other locations. There are plans for virtual classes to be presented at as many as 100 locations at the beginning of 2014.

“By offering world-class programming led by the best in the business, not only can we deliver results-oriented programs for our members, but we can do so with convenience and accessibility, that is essential for our brand,” said Shannon Fable, Director of Exercise Programming for Anytime Fitness.

One benefit of such virtual fitness classes moving forward is that they can allow for the sort of group workout experience that often comes with along with a costly in-person instructor. By projecting video of virtual instruction, the savings can be passed onto the gym member. It’s worth wondering, though, if personal trainers and real-life class instructors will be less enthusiastic about this technological development. 

Edited by Cassandra Tucker