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Wodify Cloud-Based Software Streamlines Operations at CrossFit Boxes

November 12, 2013


Since its founding in 2000, the popularity of CrossFit, a fitness system, has led to the opening of over 7,000 affiliated gyms (known as ‘boxes’) around the world.

One CrossFit enthusiast, who also happens to be a software entrepreneur, has found a business opportunity in developing a solution for managing operations more efficiently.

Ameet Shah created Wodify in 2012 to automate workout tracking that was typically done on whiteboards.

 One of the key components of the CrossFit system is the Workout of the Day (WOD).

On a daily basis, the CrossFit’s main office posts a WOD that members are to perform that day.

Since one key aspect of the CrossFit philosophy is to avoid specialization and develop complete fitness, members do not know ahead of time what the WOD is.

The environment at CrossFit facilities promotes teamwork and camaraderie where members hold each other accountable for results. This means that workouts must be tracked. 

After becoming a CrossFit member in 2011, Shah found that much of this tracking was a time-consuming, manual process. He had previously founded Conigent, a technology management firm and saw the inefficiency of managing workouts at CrossFit boxes as another opportunity to create a new company.

In addition to tracking workouts, Wodify provides marketing tools, billing, retail sales management and class scheduling. The solution also tracks attendance, allowing box owners to retain members who are likely to drop out of the program.

Also, the solution is cloud-based and allows box owners and coaches to manage operations using any mobile device or computer.

Wodify costs $1.75 per athlete per month with a maximum of $350 per month. Owners can also purchase a specially configured Mac and wall monitors if they don’t already have that equipment.

According to Shah, CrossFit will have 10,000 affiliates by the end of 2013. With only 300 customers, the opportunity for growth is strong for Wodify. It will be a compelling solution for many box owners and coaches who want to spend more time training athletes and less time doing paperwork.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi