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NASCAR's 'Inside the Headsets'

May 22, 2012


NASCAR is known to draw a cult following of people attracted to the deafening roar of engines, Mountain Dew and girls in bikinis. NASCAR logos can be spotted on flip-flops, jars of mayonnaise, or virtually everything at Walmart. For people who can’t get enough of the NASCAR action, NASCAR Media Group is producing a show on SPEED called, “Inside the Headsets” which offers behind-the-scene footage of the live race 24 hours after it occurred. But one thing I have yet to discover is exactly what kind of headsets the professional drivers wear.

It seems that there is no clear-cut answer to this question, as the brand is known for being very open to having all kinds of businesses adapt the NASCAR logo as a sure-fire way to turn a profit. Obviously their headsets must be state-of-the-art equipment if drivers are able to communicate with a crew amidst the turbulent noise. boasts of carrying a NASCAR scanner headset that is, “the next step in preparing for an amazing racing season.” Since I can’t fathom what use non-racecar drivers would have for these,

maybe they are what amateur drivers wear while training for NASCAR.

The Semi-Pro Driver Earpiece is available for $59.99. The description states, “This stereo earpiece has all the features and performance that you expect from more expensive earpieces. The professional high quality speaker has low distortion & high impedance for clarity. It has a braided cord for durability and foam covers for noise reduction and comfort. It comes with an extra pair of foam replacements for your convenience. It's a Best Value Item!” The Rookie Driver Earpiece is not as sophisticated and goes for $24.95.

The NASCAR product site carries even more scanner equipment, like the Track Scan Pocket Edge Scanner that, “features an alphanumeric display, a customizable scan list, and a previous channel function that allows you to flip between two channels.” The product detail states that this product is “for use at the speedway only.” Since the device is for racetrack purposes, it seems that this could be an official NASCAR scanner. The scanner retails for $199.99.

The next product featured on the site is the Track Scan Dale Earnhardt, Jr. National Guard Ultra Lite Headset. This headset has “passive noise cancelling technology,” which is defined as cancelling outside noise by “24-26 dB.” The product has volume control and an in-headset companion jack. It retails for $64.99. I am assuming that this product is strictly for fans, unless professional drivers wear gear that has Earnhardt’s face plastered all over it.

Edited by Brooke Neuman