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Fitness Rocks with iLuv's Sports Series

May 08, 2012


iLuv’s Sports Series has speakers, earphones and remote controls that are designed to accessorize your Apple (News - Alert) or smartphone devices. The line is ideal for listening to music while hiking, biking and running. Swimsuit season is quickly approaching, and nobody wants to be the fat one at the beach, but sometimes, vanity isn’t enough to keep you running. The best solution for staying motivated and fighting off boredom is listening to music. Additionally, a study published by ABC news shows that listening to music while working out helps clear your brain, promoting clearer thinking.

Accessory Geeks offered a demonstrative video connecting the SmashBox Pro Portable Speaker case to an iPhone (News - Alert). Batteries are not included in the package with the stereo that requires AA’s. Your phone connects to a jack and neatly fits into the compact case, and the added bonus features are the carbineer clip and Velcro straps, so you can hook the case onto your backpack, fanny pack or bicycle. Also, there’s a built-in microphone to enable hands-free calling while your reach your fitness goals. The video demonstration shows that the speakers can get really loud, so you can really rock out. The cases are available in black, and they retail for $29.99

The Active High-Fidelity Stereo Earphones and SpeakEZ Remote are two additional accessories that come with the iLuv Sports line. The earphones feature an in-ear brace to keep them snug and in place, because they are so small, they won’t interfere with other gear such as goggles or helmets. The earphones come in black, hot red, orange and yellow and retail for $19.99. The cost for the SpeakEZ remote for the iPad as well as the earphones is $49.99, but good luck trying to snag those because they are currently out of stock.

Edited by Brooke Neuman