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iPhone Accessories Hit the Market; iBike Offers Cycling Integration

February 24, 2012

(SPORTS TECHNOLOGY)Getting my hands on the iPhone (News - Alert) 4S meant I had access to the latest iOS system, more memory, and of course, Siri. This voice activation technology enhances the experience, allowing me to send texts hands-free while on the road, scheduling reminders for my to-do list and even searching the web for new information. With a device like this, I don’t want to leave the house without the right case.

Macworld just issued a review for the Incipio $30 Silicrylic, a hard-shell case offering a separate silicone core. Much like the OtterBox, the two-piece design allows for customization and variation in appearance. The reviewer found this case to be well-made, efficient to use and available in a hard shell snapping over a soft interior.

To put the Silicrylic together, be prepared for a two-part process. First, slide the iPhone into the silicone piece, designed to absorb any shock that may result from a fall. The process is similar to that of the standard case fitting. Second, fit the polycarbonate outer plastic shell around the inner piece until you feel it snap securely into place.

This case ships with the surface protector standard in this level of case, as well as a cleaning cloth for convenience. Plus, to meet the discerning needs of any iPhone 4/4S user, the case comes in a variety of different color combinations, allowing you to pick the one that best suits your style.

For those who prefer to use their Apple (News - Alert) device in the dark, Macally offers a Glow-in-the-Dark case like no other. A recent Mobile Tech Review describes a protective and rigid hard shell case and a rubberized material that glows in the dark, while also providing small feet on the backside to prevent slipping when on a hard surface.

Priced a bit lower than the Silicrylic, the Macally case offers a subtle glow, setting it apart from other Glow-in-the-Dark cases on the market, offering a slick appearance, professional looking case and glowing fun when the lights go out.

Looking for an opportunity to take the iPhone on your next bicycle outing? Are you interested in turning your iPhone into a computerized bicycle accessory? 
If so, check out this video interview with iBike at this year’s CES (News - Alert)

The rugged case integrates into your iPhone, turning it into a cycling computer to monitor your progress and improve your ride. Check out the video in full – it’s a quick watch and worth the time to learn about this great new gadget.

Edited by Jennifer Russell