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Who Needs a Personal Trainer? 24/7 Virtual Classes on the Rise
December 3, 2013 - Everyone has an excuse for why they don't exercise. Most of them involve the idea of not having enough time. A chain of 24/7 gyms, Anytime Fitness, is trying to get people on less reason to avoid the gym with their new LES MILLS virtual classes.
Slam Dunk with Bluetooth
December 2, 2013 - If you're a fan of basketball and have $295 to spare on practicing the sport, InfoMotion Sports Technologies has just the product for you! The Dublin, Ohio based firm whose mission, according to its website, is "to improve the fundamental skill of any athlete by using information to make skill development measurable" has unveiled 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball, a basketball that has the technological capacity to measure the subtlest of muscle memory, and to learn the strengths and weaknesses of players at any level.
Wodify Cloud-Based Software Streamlines Operations at CrossFit Boxes
November 12, 2013 - After becoming a CrossFit member in 2011, Shah found that much of this tracking was a time-consuming, manual process. He had previously founded Conigent, a technology management firm and saw the inefficiency of managing workouts at CrossFit boxes as another opportunity to create a new company.
New Mouthguard Tracks Unseen Injuries in Sporting Events
October 16, 2013 - Unseen injuries in sports such as concussions have lifelong repercussions for athletes. The recent $765 million settlement by the NFL was the result of the leagues handling of brain trauma.
Duke Implements SportVU Tracking System
October 11, 2013 - Duke is one of the first universities to use SportVU. SportVU is a player tracking camera system that is revolutionizing the way that some data is analyzed by NBA teams.
Philadelphia Eagles Embrace Connected Technology
July 31, 2013 - A variety of companies recently have unveiled sensor solutions to gauge the impact athletes suffer to their heads during play. But sensors are also increasingly being used to track the performance of athletes during practice, training and even during games.
Connected Tech Helps Address Sports Head Injury Concerns
July 31, 2013 - Concussions recently have become a huge issue in sports, and it's no wonder why. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that millions of sports-related concussions and mild traumatic brain injuries - which can cause long-term damage - occur annually.
Inventor Builds a 'Better Baseball Bat'
June 6, 2013 - Is the old-fashioned American baseball bat something that can be improved upon? One inventor, Grady Phelan, says yes - and thinks his patented design provides amateurs and pros alike a home run.

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