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Bulldog Digital Media Now Open For Business

January 24, 2013


Streaming Media veterans John Petrocelli and Josh Lennox launched Bulldog Digital Media, a live digital video content strategy consultancy, in order to help users optimize their live digital video content strategies with unmatched expertise and guidance.

Bulldog Digital Media asserted that streaming a live video event shouldn’t be difficult and can help one create and deliver concerts, festivals, broadcast television, movie premieres, super fan exclusive offerings, celebrity chats or product launches. The company claims to have the necessary technical knowledge and practical experience to help businesses develop enhanced viewing experience for their respective audience.

Bulldog Digital Media also claimed that it is the only company that can enable a broadcast grade experience that provides value to all stakeholders in the premium live event ecosystem, including content owners, sponsoring brands and distribution platforms.

The team behind Bulldog advised content providers and distribution platforms through some of the most anticipated and most watched events in digital video history.

Petrocelli and Josh, the founders of Bulldog Digital Media, worked on live event streaming for the Grammys, American Express (News - Alert) Unstaged Concert series, World Cup Kickoff Concert, Lollapalooza, E3, TED Conference, MTV VMA’s, Coachella, the Royal Wedding; and also possess streaming experiences in platforms like YouTube, Google (News - Alert), Twitter, Myspace, Yahoo, AOL and others.

Brad Hunstable, CEO at Ustream said, “Bulldog Digital Media has carefully guided us through the development and execution of our premium live content strategy and offerings so that brands can take advantage of our world class live broadcasting platform and services. They have helped us streamline our digital video approach and maximize its revenue potential. John and Josh know the right software, hardware, people and facilities – and how to put it all together – to create the ultimate viewing experience.”

Petrocelli said, “The digital media industry has created an almost perfect storm for premium live events. We know how to optimize, facilitate and monetize these experiences for all stakeholders.”

Edited by Ashley Caputo