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Rainedout Paves Way for New Mobile Advertising Medium for Sports Industry

February 26, 2010

Mobile advertising is the “in thing” in today’s advertising world. From big brands to small businesses, everybody makes use of text messages to promote their products. Sports brands are no exception. With RainedOut coming into the mobile adverting scene, the sports world just received an effective advertising medium.
RainedOut, a well known message service provider for sports league and clubs has announced that it plans to introduce a new mobile advertising medium. So next time a sports enthusiast receives a notification via RainedOut text message services, he or she is likely to stop by the sponsor’s advertisement at the end of the message.
In the highly competitive sports industry, this unique mode of advertising can really make difference for the companies targeting the highly lucrative sports industry. Sony was first to lap up the opportunity, which chose RainedOut services to campaign for one of its brands called Crackle.
For its text message services, RainedOut has a diverse customer base that includes students and parents, player and fans. Now the advertisers or sponsors can hugely benefit from RainedOut’s opt-in lists; relevant contents can be sent via text messages to the cell phones of RainedOut customers, but spam and unsolicited “coupons” will be blocked.
Sports enthusiasts generally subscribe to RainedOut services for receiving notifications on such time sensitive matters as game cancellations, field changes, requests for volunteers, and other related issues. Each text message contains 160 characters, of which last 20 characters will be reserved for the advertisement of any national sponsor. With this length, 95 percent of text messages can be read within four minutes. This becomes very effective in achieving 'situation-based advertising'.
For example, let’s assume, a customer receives a notification about the cancellation of an important match. The same message also contains the advertisement that announces a launch of discounted sales. The customer gets a solid excuse for indulging in some shopping in the time that he got because of the cancellation of the match. Thus each text message can create new opportunities for the sponsors, if delivered in the right time and right context.
The sponsor text can also be hyperlinked, so smartphone users can reach a Web site or unique landing page with a simple click. This further strengthens the power of this innovative advertising medium. Sponsors can see the results of their mobile advertising campaigns in real time, but RainedOut’s zero-spam policy prohibit them from accessing any individual members’ data.
By enabling them reach out to hundreds of thousands of sports-enthusiasts in wide cross section of demographic, RainedOut’s new advertising medium is sure to help sponsors achieve positive brand association by supporting non-profit sports organizations across America
In addition, RainedOut offers a more cost effective solution than those offered by expensive mobile marketing firms.
“Mobile advertising up to this point has required brands to hire expensive mobile marketing firms and slowly grow their own opt-in list,” J. Gerry Purdy, the Principal Analyst at MobileTrax LLC, said. “RainedOut offers one of the first mobile marketing opportunities that bring willing participants to the table – and at a very low cost of entry. This is a mobile service that every sports fan can appreciate, especially considering all the recent weather delays from the Daytona 500 to the Winter Olympics. I think this technique is going to be copied by a lot of other people in the industry.” 

Madhubanti Rudra is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Amy Tierney