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How Jon Price Finds Incorrect Betting Lines & Beats Bookmakers

October 28, 2020


The 2020 sports year has been one to remember so far for many, but none more than the professional sports bettor and handicapper Jon Price from Sports Information Traders. Jon is renowned around the world for his sports betting acuity and his affinity for taking on the oddsmakers in Vegas and now Fanduel & Draft Kings. He’s grabbed national headlines several times over the years with some multimillion dollar wagers on the Super Bowl and other headline grabbing wagers he’s made. None of them were as big as his most recent win this past week in College Football.

Jon is featured on numerous nationally syndicated radio programs throughout the United States & Canada where he talks about sports betting and breaks down all of the sports betting action for the upcoming week’s games. Last week Jon was heralded for winning a huge game that he reversed the line on when the wrong team was favored.  

This all started 2 weeks ago when he went on the air on over 180 stations across the US and Canada, and called out Las Vegas oddsmakers, saying that they made their biggest mistake in years and that the wrong team was favored in the Wake Forest vs Virginia matchup. He called the game, “The Vegas Mistake.” It’s not often that the Vegas oddsmakers mess a line up this badly, in fact, the last time that Jon called out Vegas for getting a line this wrong was back in 2016 when SMU opened as 3 points underdogs against Tulane, but by game time they were 1 point favorites, and they ultimately won the game by 4 points. While lines are often off he said this week it’s really off and we’re all going to profit big time from this.

This year’s Vegas Mistake played out eerily similar as Wake Forest opened the week as 2.5 point underdogs to the Virginia Cavaliers, but as the week developed, the line started to slip, and eventually by game time on Saturday, the Wake Forest Demon Deacons were 1.5 point favorites over Virginia. Some would say that was good enough and that Jon had proved his point that Vegas got the line wrong, but Jon wasn’t done yet. He placed his largest wager of the year both on the money line for Wake Forest to win outright, as well as placing a wager on them with the points.

As the game played out, it was clear that Jon knew something that the oddsmakers in Vegas didn’t. Virginia was outclassed from the start as Wake Forest jumped out to a quick 14 point lead. While Virginia did get a few scores in the 2nd quarter to make it close, Wake Forest controlled the game and pulled away easily in the second half as they went on to win by a score of 40-23.

Jon has made a career out of taking advantage of the oddsmakers in Vegas, and this last week was arguably one of his most successful. Not only did his own clients cash in big on his Vegas Mistake winner, but listeners across the US and Canada also got a piece of the win for free. 2020 has been one of his most profitable sports betting years thus far in his storied career, and he insists that him and his team are just getting started. To hear more about Jon and his team, or to listen to his weekly radio segments you can find more at

For those that we’re betting with Jon Price have been taking big profits this season after a big 3-0 Sunday this past week. Even the Last Word on Sports covered his big bet and those that profited from it.

Famous Gambler Says Wrong Team is Favored and Then the Line Moves & Profits Roll in

This last week a Legend some have heard of Jon Price went live on the air across America & Canada on his weekly radio segment and called out the Vegas oddsmakers claiming that the wrong team was favored in a College Football game on Saturday between Wake Forest and Virginia. Jon’s radio segment aired on over 175 sports radio stations and thousands of sports bettors turned a serious profit thanks to Jon’s advice.

Those who were contrarian lost. Those who listened profited. Here’s the story.

Jon Price and his team handicap their own games and come up with their own odds lines and then compare them to that of the Vegas oddsmakers to find any distinct value in potential plays. In mathematical speak this is called Delta. That’s exactly what Jon saw when the line for the game opened at Wake Forest +2.5 against the Virginia Cavaliers. Not only did Jon think the 2.5 point line was off, but he thought that Wake Forest should clearly be the favored team in the matchup. When he took to the airwaves on Tuesday, Jon called his shot and proclaimed that this will be his single biggest wager not only of this year, but in the last 5 years. He called it, “The Vegas Mistake.” As he explains on his radio show, the Vegas oddsmakers rarely miss this badly on a line, and he instructed all of his listeners to take advantage. As the week played out, it was clear that Jon Price knew something the oddsmakers didn’t.

The line was still at 2.5 points when Jon made his call on Tuesday that the oddsmakers had messed up, and that’s when things started to develop… The line slowly slipped throughout the week, and by kickoff on Saturday the Wake Forest Demon Deacons had flipped the line and were now favored by 1.5 points, and even 2 points at some other books. Jon had already proved his point that the wrong team was favored and that he was one step ahead of Vegas the whole time, but he wasn’t done… He placed his largest wager in years on both the Demon Deacons with the points and on the moneyline for them to win outright.

When Saturday came, the game played out as if Jon wrote the script for it. Wake Forest jumped out to a quick 14-0 lead in the first quarter, and after a few scores and then Virginia fought to make things close, Wake Forest then pulled away in the second half and poured gasoline on the fire, finishing by a score of 40-23 in a convincing win.

Listen to the segment and hear about the play yourself right here.

Arguably one of the greatest and most famous sports bettors and handicappers over the last 20 years, Jon Price is no stranger to the big stage of sports. Jon has gained national acclaim on several occasions for some of his high profile wagers, but none bigger this year than the play he just won last week.

For those that aren’t familiar with the sports betting elite, Jon Price from Sports Information Traders has established himself over the last 20 years as being arguably the best sports bettor and handicapper in the industry. He’s been featured a wide variety of national publications from Forbes Magazine to Yahoo Finance and The Washington Post. Jon’s fame isn’t just exclusive to print publications, he’s featured on nationally syndicated radio shows throughout the country during football season, including ESPN (News - Alert) and CBS Radio.

Not only did Jon cash in big on his Vegas Mistake play, but also did his clients as well as the thousands of listeners to his radio program. Just another day at the office for Jon and his team. 2020 has already been his most profitable sports betting year to date and both the College and NFL seasons aren’t even halfway through yet. You can read more about Jon and hear one of his radio segments where he predicts his Vegas Mistake on his company’s webpage at