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Mobile Gaming is the Future of Esports

March 30, 2020


Since the beginning, consoles and computers have solely dominated the online gaming industry. Currently, the situation seems to be changing as competitive game titles are increasingly seeping into smartphones and tablets as well.

While there’re hundreds of PC games such as Counter-Strike and League of Legends, sites like still offer Esports games and betting on mobile phones. At the moment, billion-dollar game publishers are investing in mobile gaming.

So it is only natural that the whole world of Esports also becomes active on mobile platforms. Game titles such as Heroes of the Storm, Vainglory and Clash Royale are in a position to meet players’ needs.

A hand-held device is one of the quickest ways to reach a huge number of gamers and bettors. And that is why many gaming and sports betting companies are currently making more games accessible to mobile users.

What Makes Mobile Gaming the Future of Esports?

Mobile gaming started as a form of entertainment. But now, it is one of the best ways of making money online. Many game lovers are currently playing in competitive tournaments that reward them with thousands of dollars.

Though mostly a computer-dominated sector, mobile Esports has advanced to be almost as popular as the traditional Esports. This has led to an increase in sites that offer Esports betting services.

These developments not only show how serious mobile gaming has become in recent years but also why many developers will create websites and apps with mobile devices in mind. Here are the reasons why mobile gaming is the future of Esports:


Casual players make up the majority of gamers in the world, and it is these people that all gaming companies are targeting when developing mobile games. But, many casual players are reluctant to spend their hard-earned cash on games they believe that they will not be playing in the future.

Most of the top-grossing mobile games such as Fate/Grand Order and League of Legends are all free with many in-app purchases. This technique, known as free-to-start provides game developers with the option of investing their money while garnering loyalty from free-to-play gamers.

By creating roll-out specials, incentivizing in-app purchases and seasonal buys, mobile gaming companies are able to draw players into the lucrative world that’s currently shaping the future of Esports.


At the moment, players don’t need an expensive gaming computer or console to play high-quality games. Instead, they only need access to fast internet connections and a visual conduit such as a PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Many mobile operators are developing modems and apps that can support 5G networks. This will not only make the games run smoothly and faster on mobile devices but increase the number of players.

While the growth is rapid, the shift to mobile gaming has been gradually happening in the past few years..

Industry Supporters

Much of the success of mobile gaming and Esports stems from the huge support of other gamers besides game developers who are looking to make profits in the industry. Also, sportsbooks are chipping in by providing sponsorship deals to Esports teams.

While this trend is new, it will not take much time for sports bettors to start placing wagers on Esports games as they do on traditional sports.

It is Easy to Play on Mobile Devices than on PCs

Playing games or placing wagers through a mobile device is friendly than on PCs. There’re no worries in setting up the systems since all you need is to install a gaming app in your device. Concerning charges, hardware installation and portability issues are all fixed.

The remaining task is to fight your battles and become the winner. You don’t need to look for expensive laptops or PCs to enjoy your favourite games. Also, many mobile devices have long-lasting batteries as well as supercharging capabilities that ensure your device is well set.

Wrap Up

Mobile Esports has exploded over the past few years, and tablets and smartphones have played a vital role in its success. The future of mobile gaming and Esports, therefore, looks promising for all parties including players, developers and betting firms.



Kevin Fennelly is a freelance writer from Canada with a keen interest in Technology and app development. Kevin has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the latest tech trends.