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3 Tips for Making Gaming Your Digital Small Business

March 02, 2020


These days, it can be tough to make ends meet. In fact, nearly half of all millennials have a second job to bring in extra income. Instead of grinding for a side hustle that’s “just a job”, why not do what you love? For instance, a stunning 61% of people wish they could pursue online gaming as a career. But many worry this is unrealistic, and settle for something more “attainable”.

However, thanks to modern tech, this is a very real possibility. Streaming platforms like Twitch have made a career in online gaming more realistic than ever. But to turn gaming into your digital small business, you’ll need to be prepared. Thankfully, we have you covered; read on for three tips to help you turn your passion into your income!

1. Set Realistic Goals

One reason many people give up on gaming as a digital side business is expecting too much too fast. When you watch someone else stream their gaming sessions to millions of followers, it may seem easy. But what you’re not seeing is the often years of hard work that went into getting that audience. Like any business, one built on gaming will take time to grow.

Accepting that it’s not likely to be your primary income source is a smart way to be realistic. You may think this seems fatalistic, but it can actually keep you more motivated. If you’re expecting massive numbers immediately, you’re likely to get frustrated and quit.

Instead, let yourself slowly build your audience and find your footing. Figure out exactly what your personal brand is. Experiment and find your perfect tech setup, streaming schedule and work methods. Really get to know your fans and learn how you best interact with them.

Give your business the respect and time it needs to grow. If you let yourself start small and build organically, it’s more likely your business will actually take off.

2. Became an Expert

Tech is so assessible today, nearly anyone can plug in and start broadcasting their gaming sessions. While this sort of accessibility is fantastic, it can make it hard to stand out. After all, what would make someone click on your stream when 300 other people are broadcasting Rocket League simultaneously? One answer: become an expert in your chosen game.

Many viewers don’t just want for entertainment—they’re hoping to get better at the game. If you can teach others how to master a game, you’re more likely to have people seek out your streams. And encouraging viewers to ask for advice or strategy suggestions is a great way to boost engagement. Be active on other social media as well. If you’re known on Twitter and Reddit as the go-to expert for your game, that will help your audience grow.

Besides improving your viewing numbers, this can also help diversify your gaming digital side business. Instead of relying solely on views and streaming sponsors, you can branch out as known expert in your field. Write articles for gaming magazines, make YouTube (News - Alert) tutorials, or even speak at gaming conferences.

This is a great way to make passive income and feel more secure in your income sources. Keep it up, and your digital side business may become your main business.

3. Love What You Do

Okay, let’s be real: this is a side hustle that truly requires hustle. It’s not just gaming. It’s promoting, researching, marketing, performing and interacting. If you’re putting all this work, time and dedication into something, make sure it’s something you really care about.

It may be tempting to just play the latest trendy game. Or to change your sense of humor to suit the broadest market. But doing something you dislike is a surefire way to burnout—or even kill your passion for gaming period.

Instead, pick games you really enjoy playing. Don’t force an online personality that’s nothing like you. If you love puns, be punny. If you’re a serious gamer who wants to be serious, let that be your vibe. Remember, at its heart, gaming is meant to be fun. Don’t ruin that for yourself by making it something you dread doing.

And never, ever lie for the sake of sponsorships or attention. Once you’ve built that all-important trust with your audience, don’t throw it away. Be honest, be real, and be you at all times. Otherwise, you may as well have any other job.

Making Gaming Your Digital Small Business is a Real Option

Don’t brush off your daydreams of making money gaming as just that: a fantasy. Recognize that this is a real, lucrative business possibility—one you deserve to take advantage of. By following these three simple tips, you can be well on your way to a life doing what you love. Get focused, get started—and let the games begin.