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Technology Is Putting Fans At The Heart Of The Sport

December 27, 2019


Be it boxing, football, Formula 1, or Cricket, technology has had a significant impact on sports, virtually changing how the fans enjoy the games. As a result, even a sport like Kabaddi now has followers worldwide and is attracting a range of sponsors.

Today, technology has blended smoothly with sports that only a few realize the significance of its impact. For fans and viewers, what matters is the result. As such, while fans may see new viewing formats and experiences, they may be unaware that new technologies are supporting this immersive experience and engagement.

A New Wind is Blowing

In India, cricket has been the favorite sport for millions of people in the country. However, with technological innovations, other international sports continue taking center stage, also changing how people consume sports. That might sound bizarre, but about a decade ago, sports analysts were busy writing off cricket as the country’s top sport.

In 2008, Cricket had a new breath of life after the launch of the Indian Premier League (IPL), backed by a lot of hype and the latest technology. That gave cricket an unprecedented number of fans in India and beyond. Even better, digital technologies and social media facilitated a better connection between fans and their sports heroes, even in areas that were hard to reach. This year, over 300 million people viewed the 2019 IPL games through a video-streaming platform.

Besides cricket, other sports like boxing, tennis, and motor racing have benefited from technological innovations. For instance, the Betway online betting Ghana site uses mobile technology and the internet to allow punters to make some cash predicting their favorite games. Viewers from all over the globe can stream any sporting event live from different sites.

Real-Time Action

Whether you’re wagering on sports at Betway or streaming a game online, you’ll want to enjoy real-time action for the thrill that comes with watching it happen. That means leveraging technology in all fast-paced sports like motor racing for fans to enjoy the live-action. For that, cloud networking, security systems, and mobility help to lower the rights-holder and broadcasters’ hurdles in expanding to new markets while giving fans unparalleled live coverage.

With new technologies, digital transformation is being fully unleashed in the global sports scene. Broadcasters and markets are now able to grab the attention of people outside their traditional audience circle and increase revenues. Most sports are using digital tools to target their key audience, millennials. However, most of these tech-savvy people may not be patient enough to sit and watch an entire F1 race.

Fighting The Declining In-Person Attendance

Over the last decade, in-person attendance has been dropping in all sports worldwide, and no definitive answer seems to explain the reason behind that. Even worse, no one knows a way to reverse this worrying trend. For instance, the NFL (National Football League) has continued to decline for years, averaging at 67,100 fans per game in 2018, the lowest since 2011.

While attending a sports event in person can be thrilling, the expense of buying tickets and paying for parking spots may not be very appealing to most fans. However, new technology creates a superior viewing experience for fans at the comfort of their homes. That’s generally why most fans are finding it easier to enjoy sports without having to attend.