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How Technology has Impacted American Football

December 09, 2019


When Technology Meets American Football

American football is one of the most viewed sports in the world and certainly the most popular one in USA. Over the years, the sport has changed in many ways and various technologies used to enhance the game have given it some completely new dimensions. With games now available on HDTV and with a massive amount of statistics shown to viewers at home, some concerns exist that the stadium viewership may start to decline as more and more people stay at home and watch with all the extras.

Of course, the advancements in TV and other broadcast technologies are not the only ones that have impacted the sport and we take a look at various technologies that have impacted American football from its early days and made it into the game we know today.

Sports Betting and the NFL

For the longest time, sports betting in the USA was only allowed in a handful of states and leagues such as NFL did not benefit much from it. However, with the passage of new laws and the introduction of online sports betting, things are looking up for American football even further.

The first step in the development of the online betting industry in the US was the introduction of NJ sports betting in 2018. With more states following in the footsteps of New Jersey and federal level legislation looming, there is no doubt that online betting technologies will make an even greater impact on the NFL in the years to come. 

TV, Video Scoreboards, iPads and more

Living in the 21st century, most of us could hardly imagine our lives without a TV in our home or an iPad or similar device ready to be used on the go. It is in fact these simple gadgets that have also changed the face of American football and NFL in a big way.

The television was one of the first technological gadgets to help out the NFL, as it allowed millions of fans to watch the games without actually attending the stadiums. Of course, TV has evolved in a big way and the way we watch sports on TV has as well. Today, fans can watch games live in high definition, with a great number of extra stats and analysis provided in real time. It is technologies such as RFID that allow us to instantly see player speed, acceleration and other stats on our TVs, as actions are taken.

The stadiums themselves have benefited from developments in the field of television, with jumbo scoreboards available on every pitch, allowing fans to see details and replays of the game they are watching even while at the actual game.

Finally, it is the mobile technologies that are also making their impact. While computers are not allowed at NFL stadiums, tablets and mobile phones are completely acceptable and widely used by the coaches and players alike. According to insider information, all the teams playing today use tablets to share strategies, instructions and updates in real time using custom apps developed for this purpose only.

The Players’ Gear

Back in the day, the gear that players were wearing was simple sports attire. Today, however, players are outfitted with all sorts of modern and high end gadgets, ranging from helmets with audio transmission that allow coaches to communicate their strategies to the players to shoulder pads outfitted with RFID technology.

The sports apparel has changed in other ways too, as the manufacturers now use fabrics and materials that protect players in better ways and allow for fewer injuries and higher levels of performance. Overall, the technological impact to the sports attire worn in the NFL has been tremendous.