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The impact of digital technology in the sports betting industry

December 05, 2019


Apart from sports betting, digital technology has made an impact in all the spheres of life. However, as it concerns us in the betting world, digital technology has made the whole process interesting, fun and easier. With a click, you can cash out millions and also bet on your favorite sports game online.

Let’s bring it down home – Sweden! What were sports betting like in Sweden a few years ago?

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Do you remember when you have to travel a distance to stake a bet on your favorite sports? All that has changed recently! In 2020, it is estimated that digital technology will account for more than half of all the sports betting online.

Here are a few milestones that have been recorded in the sports betting industry since the introduction of digital technology;

Broadband and security

As far as doing business online is concerned, security is important. Initially, most customers were skeptical about using the internet to bet because of the security and poor broadband connection in most cases.

Most sport betting companies recognized the importance of these two factors to their businesses and started investing.

The growth experienced in the industry both abroad and back home is because of these two factors. Customers are more aware of some of the safety measures employed by some of the top sports betting companies. This has also increased the desire to play.

Mobile technology

Mobile technology is the driving force of the present growth that is experienced in the industry.

This aspect of digital technology has revolutionized the sports betting industry. To place a sports bets a few years back, you have to go to a brick and mortar house to stake your bet.

Now you can sit in the comfort of your home and place a bet on your favorite sports. All a player needs is just a Wi-Fi connection or data connectivity and you are good to go.

The steady growth in the use of smartphones has contributed immensely to the industry. Most of the sports betting sites are designed to work on almost any mobile device. Just open a browser and you are good to go. Trying to use your PC to play sports betting is now old school. You can log in to your favorite sports betting website on your mobile device.

It has become a norm that sport betting sites can be accessed via popular mobile devices such as Mac, Windows, Android (News - Alert), iOS, and so on.

Interestingly, some sports betting sites have stepped up an inch to develop mobile apps. These apps have made online gaming even more fun. You can also check the results of your bets via these mobile apps.

Customer support

Sports betting companies have realized the importance of keeping their customers happy. Apart from promotions and bonuses, another way to achieve this feat is the availability of responsive customer support. Customers always want their needs met immediately.

Most of the sports betting companies use social media and digital platforms to interact with their customers. For instance, sports betting websites provide their email, social media handle, etc., on their website. Always opt for a live chat if it is available on the website. It is faster and also safe.

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