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Sport Industry: The Impact of Technology on Sport

November 25, 2019


Many transformations have occurred in the sports industry in the 21st century. Sports officials have introduced new concepts that check the health of athletes and improve their performance. Reputable bookies such as Betway cover a wide variety of sports events. Popular tournaments such as the Premier League have adopted modern technology. In this post, we discuss five technologies that have changed sports in recent years.

1. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is among the newest technologies that the sports industry has adopted. Major League Baseball uses it to stream major games in America each week. The technology helped NASCAR fans attend the driver's conference that took place early this month in the NASCAR Cup Series finale. VR provides sports fans with a clear view of any sports event. Formula 1 uses Virtual Reality to offer an edge to its drivers.

2. Drone Technology

Drones were first built more than a century ago. Some sports organizations introduced them in top leagues and championships in the recent past. For example, the English Premier League uses drones to train players. They provide a clear view of any part of the pitch. Everton is the first EPL team that adopted this technology four years ago.

Recent reports state that Manchester United will start using it soon. England Rugby Union uses the technology to prepare for high stakes games. Top bookies such as Betway use sophisticated technology to get a clear view of different fields and pitches.

3. Video Assistant Referees (VAR)

Football introduced Video Assistant Referees in the recent past. It clarifies errors that referees make. They include goals scored, mistaken identity cases, red cards, and penalty decisions. The Premier League introduced VAR in the 2019/2020 season. Some fans and players have complained about the technology. It was first introduced in football in 2016 in a Major League Soccer game.

Australia's A-League adopted Video Assistant Referees in April 2017 in a domestic fixture between Adelaide United and Melbourne City. Italy's Serie A and German's Bundesliga started using it in 2017.

4. Sports Stadium Technology

Arthur Greenwood predicted in 1962 how future stadiums would appear. He forecasted that referees would sit in suspended boxes slightly above the pitch. Officials would use electronic rays to determine whether a goal is genuine. The sports stadium technology offer spectators a thrilling experience watching games. Modern stadia have a large TV screen that displays action replays.

5. Goal-Line Technology

The goal-line technology is also called Hawk-Eye technology. Cricket organizations adopted it in 2001 while tennis adopted it in 2004. FIFA introduced it in the 2012 Club World Cup. It was later applied in the 2014 Brazil World Cup. EPL introduced the goal-line technology in the 2013/2014 season. League officials awarded Edin Dzeko the first goal when he scored against Manchester City.

Technology has changed our way of living. It has transformed different industries including businesses, construction, gambling, health, and sports. Betway uses advanced technology to provide virtual sports. Other technologies have transformed sports including the goal-line technology, virtual reality, drone technology, and the sports stadium technology. Some of them provide many health benefits to athletes and drivers. They include smart helmets that are common in the NFL.