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DISH Makes ESPN Fantasy Football App on Hopper

September 08, 2014


The opening weekend of the NFL was welcomed by tens of millions of fans and virtually every industry in the United States. The franchise has a following made up of a wide range of consumers covering almost all demographics. Everything associated with the NFL seems to be a homerun success, including its fantasy football league. According to Forbes, it estimated the actual expenditures and ad revenues for fantasy football to be anywhere from $40 billion to over $70 billion per year in tangible and intangible activity in 2013. With 32 million Americans participating in this activity and billions of dollars on the line, getting involved in fantasy football is a no-brainer and that is what DISH Network has done.

The company launched the 2014 NFL season by adding an ESPN (News - Alert) Fantasy Football app that delivers all of the statistics a fantasy player needs on their TV screens with the companies Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR. The application rolled out Friday night and it allowed customers to follow the performance of their players, team weekly matchup and league standings in real time while watching a live or recorded program on the DVR. It also provides all weekly matchups within a league, bench stats, individual player and defensive team profiles, and NFL teams’ in-progress box scores.

The app is displayed on the screen in an L-shaped layout with the data displayed on the right side of the TV screen. It is automatically resized so that information can be seen without blocking the live game. Being compatible with multiple ESPN fantasy football leagues allows everyone in the family to participate.

In order to access the application users must create a league on ESPN and sign in to the app on the Hopper with their ESPN fantasy football username and password. It can be accessed from any channel using the DISH remote control and selecting the ESPN Fantasy Football icon.

“This app streamlines the NFL football viewing experience by consolidating real-time action and fantasy stats on one screen. DISH is the only pay-TV provider to offer ESPN’s fantasy football app. Combined with the Hopper, this app gives fans the best entertainment platform to experience the NFL this season,” said Jimshade Chaudhari, DISH director of product management.

Edited by Alisen Downey