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New App Expected to Revolutionize How Students Interact with Collegiate Sports

August 29, 2014


Customized mobile application provider MOKO Social Media has created a new application called REC*IT that aims to change the way college students connect with intramural sports and recreational activities available on their respective campuses.

The app, which was developed in partnership with IMLeagues and American Collegiate Intramural Sports & Fitness, is intended to make the management of college recreation life easier and bring campuses, students and administrators together through a shared passion.

Users of REC*IT will be able to find intramural sports and fitness classes offered on campus, access schedules and stay up-to-date of when games are being held and the teams playing against each other, send messages to teams or individual team members and receive personal notifications, view team rosters and league standings, get instant game results, and receive real-time updates of happenings on campus.

REC*IT President David Oestreicher noted in a statement that while back in the day college students depended on bulletin boards displayed in the recreation center or emails for important announcements relating to sports and activities on taking place on campus, students nowadays are seeking a much different platform to access this information.

"Today's college audience needs their info and content on the go and, of course, prefers to interact through mobile devices," Oestreicher said in a statement. "REC*IT offers new-age connectivity and galvanizes a very passionate community by optimizing the dissemination of these communications within one app."

REC*IT is currently available as a free download for both Android (News - Alert) and iOS devices.

The app is accessible to over 11 million students across 862 colleges in the U.S. and Canada.

Future plans for the app include providing opportunities for national and local brands and advertisers to directly engage with college consumers through the use of highly targeted promotions and content reflective of a user's profile such as their interests and demographic.

Edited by Maurice Nagle