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CG Technology Releases New Version of CG Sports Betting App

August 13, 2014


CG Technology has announced that it has released CG Sports, a wagering app that lets people bet on sports outcomes from iOS, Android (News - Alert) and Windows devices.

"Our goal was to launch an app that was more user-friendly, more intuitive and more interactive,” CG Technology CTO, Matthew Morrissette, said. “The features and functionality contained within CG Sports are fresh and clean. The user experience is a fun one but also an efficient and productive one. The end result is a radical improvement for our users."

Morrissette said that the new app’s features and look and feel were based on feedback from consumers about what they wanted and didn’t want in a betting app. The Las Vegas-based company used the information to redesign the user interface.

The app has introduced some new ways for sports fans to make bets. They can make bets on future events, such as championships and season win totals. They can also make bets in events in progress, such as propositions or on the outcomes of games.

The app also has continuous markets, showing a money line, a spread and a total that can be wagered on a game in progress.

Players can make propositions bets, which are bets on the outcome of a specific action, before the start of a game. They can also make offers on bets, and CG can offer an additional wager with the same odds. CG can also make a counter offer with the same odds for a lower amount.

Users who bet the same amount can use that as an “Easy Bet” with one touch.

The app also has some more advanced betting options, including parlays, two wagers combined into one where both selections must win. Users can also play similar parlays using the same odds with variations on the teams to change the odds.

They can also place teasers, wagers consisting of multiple teams with a point spread or total can be adjusted in the user’s favor. Users can also specify how much they want to win as well as how much they want to wager.

Edited by Adam Brandt