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Churchill Downs Installs Champion Mobile Network

May 09, 2014


Attendees at the Kentucky Derby were able to access a powerful mobile network while sipping their mint juleps and watching horse races, thanks to a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) at Churchill Downs.

"When our customers go to Churchill Downs to take in the sights and sounds of the races, we want them to have a great network experience no matter what they're doing – whether that's making a call, checking email, downloading apps or surfing the Internet," said Hood Harris, AT&T (News - Alert) Kentucky president. "We're committed to our investment in the local wireless network, and our network enhancement at Churchill Downs is just one way that we're investing in the Louisville area."

The network, installed by Mobilitie, serves AT&T and Verizon (News - Alert) customers. It’s doubled the wireless connectivity on the venerable horse racing track. There are over 253 antennas installed throughout the venue, as well as over one million feet of fiber for backhaul, ensuring that attendees will be able to get a signal from wherever they are, no matter how many other people are calling, texting, tweeting or surfing.

The Kentucky Derby and the Kentucky Oaks races attract more than 260,000 visitors every year. Last year, visitors transferred over 2 gigabytes of data over AT&T’s network at both events. The peak was during 5-6 p.m., when more than 180 gigabytes of data was transferred in the hour before the post time for the Kentucky Derby.

AT&T wanted to be ready for the large number of users this year.

"From the parking lot to the grandstands at Churchill Downs, spectators at last weekend's event were able to share the big moments without struggle or delay over their mobile devices," said Christos Karmis, president of Mobilitie. "Churchill Downs is an excellent example how our networks provide wider service at events with hundreds of thousands of people in attendance."

Edited by Rory J. Thompson