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Nike Launches FuelBand Lab Along With New Partnerships

April 21, 2014


Wearable Tech is only getting more popular all the time. This is good news for companies that are already in the business because it means they have the inside track when it comes to taking advantage of the boosted popularity. Nike, is in the inside lane and digging hard around the corner, having launched the Fuel Band and, now they are announcing its Fuel Lab is up and running.

This new research lab is designed to help enhance and expand the ecosystem when it comes to apps and hardware that will work with the Fuel Band. This particular lab will also help Nike figure out a way to strike partnership agreements with a number of firms. Alongside the announcement, Nike also revealed it has already formed partnerships with three other fitness application companies. MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper and Strava are all going to be integrating Nike technology into their own products.

The partnerships should boost business for all four companies. Nike’s wearable FuelBand will reach more customers who have already heard of and use the applications produced by MyFitnessPal and the like. Those who haven’t heard of the applications will be exposed to them when they use the Nike FuelBand.

Wearable Tech is becoming one of those technologies that could one day surpass even tablets and smartphones in popularity. It is the interconnectivity that might fuel the popularity of the wearable technology.  Using Nike FuelBand allows users to monitor different activity levels and applications like MyFitnessPal will change that activity into calories burned for a more complete fitness monitoring solution.

Nike has already been growing its fitness applications to apply to larger ranges of activities. There are also a number of applications and devices that are being offered up to specific sectors of the population. Among those, the Nike+ Training Club comes with more than 100 workouts that are all made to help people get the best workout they can. Nike hopes the new partnerships will give it a boost in the wearable tech market, a market that is getting flooded by the day.

Edited by Maurice Nagle