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Get Scheduled Pro Tees off in Style with its Volunteer Management Software

April 16, 2014


The dust may have settled on the 2012 Ryder cup, but the muted excitement and anticipation behind the scenes is making the summer, that has just begun, hotter for Get Scheduled Pro, as it gets ready to manage another high profile sporting event - The 2014 Ryder Cup,

Since 2011 Get Schedule’s workforce management and communication solutions have been used at some of the world’s most discussed events, and for the first time it has launched a volunteer forum, giving volunteers their own space to discuss important topics and interact with one another well before the event.

“We are delighted to be working with The 2014 Ryder Cup team, especially as they are using some new features of Get Scheduled Pro, such as the Volunteer Forum,” noted Jane Webber, general manager of the company.

With a volunteer workforce of over 1,800; all that was needed was a volunteer management software solution to simplify the management process and help ensure volunteer engagement. Get Scheduled Pro’s solutions were a perfect fit.

Effective workforce management is vital to the success of any major event and for one that attracts more than 250,000; no amount of preparation can ever be enough. That’s why the clock starts ticking one year before. It’s important to ensure that volunteers are in the right place at the right time and the software helps to match volunteer skill set with the roles they are assigned to. As the event approaches they know exactly what their roles will be.

And, according to Webber, the team at Get Scheduled combines major event experience, people skills and personal commitment to go the extra mile for its customers, which is exactly what, is needed in an event of this sort.

Essentially an “out of the box” solution for many event organisers, Get Scheduled has enjoyed many successes at other events and according to Webber, has been shortlisted for three different awards in just five months.

Get Scheduled Pro may well steal the thunder at the 2014 Ryder Cup, but Bubba Watson will try to erase the bad taste in his mouth from 2012 and bring the Ryder Cup back to this side of the pond.

Edited by Maurice Nagle