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Onefootball and Localytics Connecting Soccer Fans Through Social Sports App

April 11, 2014


The sports fan experience is shaped by social media and interactive apps (other than Wi-Fi APs) that allow enthusiasts to dive into unique and in-depth statistics of events across multiple sports. App users have access to extensive news and commentary about teams and players, in addition to instant results and more. Among developers that are creating apps to attract and retain fans is Onefootball, a popular football news and fan service.

According to a Yahoo! Finance recent post, Localytics, a renowned marketing and analytics platform for mobile and Web apps, announced (on Tuesday, of this week) its selection by Onefootball for its analytics and marketing solutions “to gain real-time insight into the in-app activity of its international user base as it pursues its goal of connecting soccer fans all across the world.” Along with its goal to increase its user base, Onefootball plans to create more consumer options in future apps—to include new features and functionality—that will set them apart from the competition. The apps will allow fans to engage in conversations with each other; this relieves them from the use of multiple platforms to socialize and exchange opinions.

Any new interactive element added is sure to keep attentions during soccer games, which is what the developer of Onefootball wants to achieve to increase users’ acquisition. Localytics is the right partner in making it easier to identify optimizations to increase engagement. Localytics’ comprehensive, app-first solution will provide deep insights into user behavior and allows the creator to build THE Football App (Onefootball) for consuming football content within a social network; this will appeal to numerous consumer types, from intense users to a casual audience.

Onefootball, formerly known as The Football App, is a soccer app that offers “news, live scores, statistics, videos and exclusive live audio commentary in nine languages, as noted on the creator’s website. It is an all-in-one platform to reach a fast growing, football fanatic audience or attract a global football community. At present, “it connects more than 14 million football fans in over 200 countries and allows them to follow their favorite team [and all other clubs around the world] – anytime and anywhere, the Onefootball site affirms.

Onefootball is one of those most comprehensive Football Apps that provides profile pages and facts, as well as background information of leagues and competitions live and in detail. With Localytics, as a platform provider, by its side, Onefootball will help drive user engagement and gain deep, actionable insights in real-time. With soccer season already underway and the 2014 World Cup set to kick off June 12, Onefootball is hoping to be a large part of the experience.

Edited by Maurice Nagle