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Broncos Disappoint but Tracx Scores a Touchdown Pass with Viewers

February 10, 2014


The Super Bowl XLVIII between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks played at MetLife Stadium didn't exactly bowl people over; It ended in an anticlimax with Seattle defeating the Broncos on a huge point differential. But, the social enterprise platform - Tracx- made up for the lack of excitement by scoring bigger among viewers than the Broncos.

As the only official social analytics platform of the SuperBowl Host Committee (SBHC), it was required to aggregate and analyze vast amounts of social conversations that the event produced. This year, it was found that the battle for Super Bowl popularity took place as much online as it did on the Big Game broadcast.

Even volunteers at the communication center utilized Tracx's technology to monitor and respond to online conversations about events, entertainment, weather, transportation, breaking news, and even posted mass updates for the Super Bowl. Tracx's one-of-a-kind cross-departmental workflow interface was used to route conversations (when needed) to municipal agencies for further engagement.

Tracx tirelessly analyzed online conversations around Super Bowl XLVIII TV spots. It captured the biggest moments of activity that occurred on Twitter and discussed at length on Facebook (News - Alert). It is said that fifty million people accounted for more than 185 million game-related interactions on Facebook, and Tracx was on track capturing it all.

It also aggregated and analyzed tens of millions of non-branded online Super Bowl social activities, revealing over 170,000 relevant posts with which the SMCC volunteers engaged. Its ability to scale and control the level of real-time data gave the Super Bowl communications center the required bandwidth and power to engage with fans.

 "The Super Bowl is the largest single-day sporting event in the United States, and as such produces an immense amount of online chatter. Tracx is uniquely positioned as the enterprise social intelligence platform that can manage the volume and velocity of data produced by events of this magnitude,” said Eran Gilad, CEO of Tracx.

With social media changing the game for enterprise customers, Adi Kleiman, head of product at Tracx, said it was important to evolve Tracx to cover the most popular regional social networks around the global that are most important to global clients.

The Super Bowl is over, but the social conversations and water cooler moments surrounding it may take a while to die down.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker