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Global Gaming and Impact Fantasy Sports Partner On New Fantasy Sports Platform

February 04, 2014


The Fantasy Sports market has never been bigger than it is right now. Whether talking about fantasy baseball, football, basketball, hockey or other lesser platforms, there are tens of millions of players around the world. That much popularity means quite a bit of money. Big time revenues mean companies such as the Global Gaming Network are looking for ways to improve their existing offerings and come up with brand new ways to off fantasy sports games as well.

At the end of last month, the company announced a new partnership with Impact Fantasy Sports that would allow the companies to come up with new games that can be played at casinos, sports bars and restaurants. All of these new games will be offered up under the brand name of Amped Fantasy.

While fantasy sports games used to be something people played alone in the privacy of their home, such as the Yahoo Fantasy Sports platform, these days, it means a lot more than sitting at home and making sure your baseball or football players are inserted in the right roster spot. These kinds of games have taken on a social aspect that has become popular in restaurants and bars.

Some of these games are quiz games that allow the users to answer questions. Others are predictive sports games that allow people to try and pick the upcoming play. Still others are daily fantasy sports games that allow users to wrack up fantasy points based on daily performances of their favorite athletes.

The new platform that has been ‘souped up’ by the partnership between GGM and IFS, will allow users to play various fantasy sports games on their mobile devices, making it easier to share with their friends. This can lead to a more fun experience when it comes to competing with friends and gaining bragging rights.

"We look forward to supporting the GBGM team in offering the very best in customized fantasy sports games. We praise GBGM for recognizing the value and capabilities our gaming platform can bring to the ever growing market of casinos and sports bars," said Todd McMahon, co-founder of IFS in a recent statement regarding the partnership.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi